October 1, 2011

Spiderman, Spiderman, Does whatever a spider can!

This was for a little boy who was turning 3 and his favorite super hero just happens to be Spiderman! It was a tall order as the little boy has many food allergies.. peanut, egg, milk, soy, but the rest of the family do not have the same allergies. Needless to say he got his own "cake" which was the top tier. A special order just for him.

The bottom tier of the cake was a 6 inch round orange cake with vanilla buttercream filling. It tastes just like a dreamsicle! And the top tier was a 4 inch round vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream. Obviously I used a very different recipe for this cake because of all the stipulations, so hopefully it turned out delicious!

The top layer of the cake donned a black fondant spiderweb to represent the superhero that the birthday boy knows and loves. Each string was hand rolled and placed strategically to look like a spider web. I believe that the parents of the birthday boy were going to place a spiderman action figure on top to really make this cake extra special.

Even the frosting was a special blend to cater to this birthday boy's allergies! It was dyed red with some food coloring because of course red is a signature color of Spiderman!

And what is Spiderman without a city to watch over?!?! The buildings were hand cut black fondant with yellow windows. the city went all around the bottom layer of the cake. Since it was a birthday cake there had to be those famous "Happy Birthday" words on the there as well as the birthday boy's age!

While the city was safe from all the bad guys, this birthday boy had a spiderman-rific birthday cake. His mom came to pick it up and she loved the cake. I can only hope everyone else loved it too! I love doing character cakes... bring on those cute little characters people! I liked the way this cake turned out as well even though it had its challenges with all the allergies I had to cater to.

Happy birthday! I hope you had a great one to go along with your great cake!