November 28, 2010

Sunday is so so SWEET!!

In the cake world there is a website that is VERY VERY well known. The website is I know what you are thinking... why would ANYONE want to have ANYTHING to do with a website with the words cake and wreck in the name? Normally, I would agree but today is sweet!

During the week this blog makes post about cakes that have gone wrong in one way or another. But Sunday is a new day! Sunday is the day they feature the Sunday Sweets. These are cakes that are featured for their beauty, construction, theme, and overall awesomeness. Guess who's cake was featured on today's Sunday Sweets? No guess... okay I'll tell you, it was ME! I felt so warm and fuzzy inside when I saw my cake on a very recognized blog! You can see the blog here.

The cake that was featured was my Doctor's Bag cake which you can see the post on the "Before the Blog Cakes" tab.

This is such an honor and it just gave me one more thing to be thankful for on my Thanksgiving break! It also made it that much sweeter!

Thanks for all of your support and I'll keep you posted if I find my cakes anywhere else in cyber space!

November 13, 2010

We're Not in Kansas Anymore!

This cake was for a woman who even though she lives in Nebraska loves the Wizard of Oz. Her daughter ordered the cake and her husband came up with the phrase "Everywhere you are is Kansas!" I loved the quote and couldn't say no to this order when I had free creative reign! This is what I came up with.

This Wizard of Oz cake was a 12 inch round cake and served 60. It was a simple delicious white cake with vanilla buttercream filling. Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm! A combination even the Wicked Witch of the West would love! I tried to include everything that I could think of without making the cake look too crazy! All of those little accents were made from fondant. The quotes were hand piped with buttercream.

This cake needed to travel from Kansas to Nebraska in one piece - and transported by someone other than myself! Luckily there were no tornadoes to whisk this little goodie off to Munchkin Land!

Somewhere over the rainbow...

Dorothy's house landed on the Wicked Witch of the East!

And the Ruby Red Slippers magically appeared on Dorothy's feet!

She was told to "Follow the yellow brick road!"...

to the Emerald City to see the Wizard of Oz!

But the Wicked Witch of the West would cause Dorothy and her friends some trouble with some poisoned poppies!

I'm really loving the way that this cake turned out and it really does follow the story of Dorothy, Toto, and her new friends! I'm hoping that it made it all the way to Nebraska in one piece and I hope that the recipient LOVED it just as much as I do!

"Alicia Patrick did such an amazing job on my mom's Wizard of Oz themed birthday cake for her 60th birthday celebration!!!!" -Amanda P.

November 6, 2010

Everybody was Kung Fu fighting!

Well how else would it be with a bunch of ninjas on one cake?!?!?!

The beloved Pocket Ninja is a pint-sized master of stealth, born to give stealth hugs to small mammals, snatch candy, cookies and other sweet things from your pockets, and in general be a humble and honorable superstar. Beware his mad ninja skills and obscene level of cute! The recipient of this cake has her own pocket ninja and loves it so why not put some on her birthday cake?

This birthday cake was an 8 inch round cake that serves 24. It was a chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream filling. What a classic combo! The pocket ninjas, ninja rubber duckies, and ninja headband were all made from fondant.

The ninja head band donned a black ninja that kind of looks like an alien, but that's what makes him so deadly, right? The Chinese characters on either side of the ninja are not actual characters and if they are I have no idea what they mean so I'm releasing myself from any fault if I offend or upset anyone! I just piped the characters as if they were real. The headband wraps almost completely around the cake but not quite the whole thing. I wanted the ends to curl out as if they were made from real fabric.

Here is Amy's friend... the pocket ninja. This is a phenomenom that I did not know anything about but apparently it's all the rage. I will admit this little guy is super cute! How can you resist not carrying him around with you wherever you may go?

And to carry on the theme of the ninja-esque cake... how about a bunch of ninja rubber duckies. All of these little guys are outfitted with their own ninja headband and are ready for some super secretive ninja activity!

I hope Amy enjoyed her super ninja-ey birthday cake. I also hope that will all these little ninjas around she does not actually get into a fight because A.) Fighting is not the answer. And B.) These are not ACTUAL ninjas (contrary to popular belief) !!!!!

Happy Birthday Amy!

"You did such a great job on the cake! Everyone loved it, and it was delicious!" -Elaina K.

"Thank you Alicia for making my very own pocket ninja/ninja duck cake. FYI, your ninjas don't travel well in your pocket ;)" -Amy K.

Every Princess needs her castle!

My first castle cake ever! Yes it was nerve racking! Yes it was tricky! No I do not resent the time and effort that went into this puppy. I absolutely adore this cake! It was for a little princess who was turning 1, so naturally her tiara and royal scepter are on her smash cake!

The main castle cake served 22 people. It was an 8 inch round cake, which normally serves 24 but I made an adjustment for the towers. The King and Queen that reign over this castle wanted a white cake with vanilla buttercream filling. Pretty simple inside, on the outside... not so much!

Most of the details on the castle were made from fondant. The door was no exception. It's hard to tell from the picture put there is wood grain detail on the door just to make it that much better. The castle walls were also detailed to make them look like stone.

The royal garden was not very big in comparison to the size of the entire castle itself. The flowers were made from fondant and matched the pink on the rest of the castle. The vines and leaves were hand piped with buttercream.

The 4 towers on this cake were fondant covered cardboard rolls (covered in saran wrap of course for food safety!) and topped with sugar cones covered in fondant. It was a little tough to get these tall slender guys to stay put but once I did the result was what you see here - pure cuteness!

The top of the cake was a little bare so I added some more flowers and vines. Looking back I would have piped "Happy Birthday Princess Ashlee" or something to that effect. Either way it still looked great and the customer still loved it!

Now onto Princess Ashlee's own personal smash cake! (Included in the order of course!)

Her smash cake matched the colors of the main cake and has the same castle border around the bottom. The smash cake was a simple white cake with vanilla buttercream icing - only 1 serving though... to be smashed into!

Princess Ashlee's royal scepter displayed her age on the party day. It matched the invitations and decorations that the King and Queen used for the party.

Again, matching the invitations and decorations, Princess Ashlee's Tiara! Complete with her name in the same font on the invitations.

I added a little glitz and glam to the sides of the smash cake to make it more enticing for the birthday girl to smash her little fists into! Hopefully her mom sends me some pictures!

Happy birthday Princess Ashlee! I hope you enjoyed your very first birthday, your very first birthday party, and my very first castle cake!

"I just wanted to say THANK YOU for this incredibly awesome smash cake and princess cake. I was completely blown away by it's appearance. It was perfect and WAY better than I ever imagined. I will for sure be passing your cards out and contacting you for all of our cake needs! I will send you some pictures as soon as I download them. Thanks again. Ashlee LOVED it all (and it was SOOO yummy)" -Kati B.