July 29, 2011

Itty Bitty Pretties!

Oh, mini cuppies how you steal my heart! I love the way these little cuties are bite size yet still manage to be just as cute as their larger (regular size) cupcake counterparts!

These mini cupcakes were for a bridal shower were the theme centered around slate blue, berry red, and rings... DIAMOND rings! The host of the shower wanted them to look fancy and cute while still reflecting the overall theme of the party. I would say MISSION COMPLETE!

The flavor of these cupcakes was a delicious champagne cake with a coordinating vanilla buttercream. They were bite-size AND delicious... what an awesome combination. There were only 48 ordered so the extra came on a road trip with me to my husband's hometown. Let me tell you the nieces and nephews sure did appreciate it!

There were 3 different designs for these 48 cupcakes... 12 of each. The first was a white floral swirl of buttercream adorned with a slate blue daisy made from fondant and a plastic diamond ring.

The second design was a mound of vanilla buttercream covered in white sugar crystals giving these ones a little crunch! And again a plastic diamond ring.

The last design is the same as the first. The only difference being the berry red daisy. The daisy was made from fondant while the diamond ring is not edible.

The party host loved the cupcakes and I hope the bride-to-be did as well! I really liked how super cute these little babies were. I think I have a new found love for itty bitty cuppies! So if you're thinking of ordering some... I'm your gal! :)

July 22, 2011

Violet your turning... Violet!

This cake was for a women's 70th birthday and her daughter wanted her to have a pretty cake that showcased her favorite flower... violets. This cake was an 8 inch round red velvet cake with cream cheese icing. Yum! What a classic combination!

The letters on the top of the cake were hand piped with the dark purple royal icing. The birthday lady's daughter, who ordered the cake, just wanted the cake to say "Happy Birthday". Simple and sweet. The top (and sides) was also decorated with some simple white dots strategically placed to make this cake look a little elegant!

The fanciful sides of the cake were decorated in light and dark purples with white accents. All of the stripes, garlands, border, and dots were hand piped royal icing. I used royal icing rather than buttercream or cream cheese icing because I wanted all of the purples to match.

The garland was so fun and added a little outine for my piped stripes. I love the combination of the thick light purple stripes with the skinny dark purple ones. It really gives a little extra something to the sides of this cake! And look at those precious little dots along the shell border! So adorable!

Those little violets captured my heart! I hand piped each and every one of them from royal icing which dries semi hard to keep their shape. But once they get wet they definitely melt in your mouth! These little babies were laid all over my counter while they were drying and I felt a little sad that they didn't actually smell like violets! I guess fresh baked cake is a wonderful smell too though!

I love the way this cake turned out, simple and elegant with a little fanciful fun! I really want to get into piping more flowers but I guess that is up to my clients on what they want their cake to look like! I'm hoping this lady loved her birthday cake and had a blast celebrating her 70th birthday because I had a lot of fun making this cake for the occasion!

July 9, 2011

No Need For Bug Spray Here!

The past week there has been an infestation of the greatest kind! My kitchen was taken over by ladybugs between this cake and the ladybug smash cake! Apparently ladybugs are good luck so that's good! This order was a combination of cupcakes and a smash cake for a little girl who was turning 1. I'll start with the smash cake...

This cake was a 6" round single layer smash cake. It was a simple white cake (as most of the smash cakes I make are) with vanilla buttercream icing.

The smash cake was topped with this cute little ladybug also made from buttercream icing. Hopefully the red and black icing were easy to clean up because I'm sure baby Abigail wanted to "play" with this little ladybug.

The daisy was also made from buttercream icing. It was hand piped on the cake to match the daisies on all of the cupcakes. On top was a large red 1 to show off just how big the birthday girl is getting!

Of course the cake had to say the birthday girl's name! I decided to pipe it on the smash cake in curly cue letters. See how they kind of match the antennas on the ladybug itself! I love how little things like that can tie in together and make a cake that much better! On to the cuppies...

The cupcakes were a mix of chocolate cake and white cake but all were topped with a giant swirl of buttercream icing, a single little ladybug, and a white daisy! The ladybugs and daisies were hand made from fondant. I just think these overly small details make these cupcakes super precious! Makes you want to pick them up and eat them, right?!?! There were four colors of pastel icing on the cupcakes and they are as follows...

There were green cupcakes...

There were blue cupcakes...

There were yellow cupcakes... (my favorite color!)

And there were purple cupcakes!

I absolutely love how these little darlings turned out! I also love how the smash cake and the cupcakes match so well! Abigail's mom loved them as well! As for the party guests... well, they loved them too! I'm hoping Abigail loved her smash cake and that her mom got some great pictures! Ladybugs are all the rage right now and I absolutely know why... they are oh-so-cute!

"Thank you so much for the beautiful cupcakes for my daughter's one-year birthday party yesterday! They were a hit with everyone. And the best part is they were delicious. I'll be looking you up for future events!" -Steph A.

July 8, 2011

It's a Justin Bieber Birthday!

Now I don't have Bieber Fever but the little girl this cake was for sure did. Rumor has it she even changed her last name to Bieber on her Facebook profile! So it was only fitting that her birthday cake would feature her crush in all of his glory.

This cake was a white cake with vanilla buttercream filling and icing. The customer who ordered this cake was not too fond of fondant so while there is fondant on the cake I tried to keep it as minimal as possible without losing that teeny bopper crush feeling. Do you remember that feeling?!?!

I can only imagine how much the birthday girl wanted to keep this portion of the cake, or at least this was definitely going to be her piece! And she could eat him if she wanted to because he was printed on edible paper with edible ink! I wish I had the capabilities to do that on my own but unfortunately I had to have a local grocery store print up the image for me. Maybe someday I'll have my own edible printer... maybe someday!

The stars on the cake were hand cut from fondant. What's a teen idol cake without some pink and yellow stars? They keep this cake cute, funky, and fun! You can definitely tell it's for a tween!

The sides of the cake were decorated with randomly placed butercream dots in yellow, pink, and purple. The sides looked unfinished so I added a border of pink and purple fondant balls. These were hand rolled and individually placed - time consuming, but they definitely finish off the cake well!

Who doesn't remember putting their name + a celebrity crush's name in a heart in their notebook in school? Go ahead raise your hand! No one? That's what I thought. This was definitely part of my middle school days and I just HAD to included it on this cake! The purple heart was hand rolled fondant shaped into a heart and the text was hand piped vanilla buttercream dyed pink. I'm hoping that this little detail was the birthday girl's favorite part of the cake (besides the photo of course!).

This text was hand piped vanilla buttercream dyed purple. After piping it, my husband made the joke that I was covering up his precious hair (as he ran his own fingers through his hair - can you picture it?!?!). While this is true, the cake just had to say Happy Birthday and this was really the only place for it! So I'm sorry dear hubby, this is where it's going to be! :)

I liked the way this cake turned out even though I don' t understand the whole Bieber Fever thing, but to each their own. I'm hoping that the birthday girl just fell in love with this cake much like she's in love with Justin Bieber!

You can call me Lady...

Lady... Bug!

Ladybugs are all the rage right now (see future ladybug posts!) and this cake was no exception. It was a smash cake for a little girl named Paetyn who was turning 1.

This cutie-bug was a 6" round cake that was carved into a rounded bug shape. It was just a simple white cake with vanilla buttercream icing. All of the decorations were edible and made from buttercream except those adorable antennas, which were some simple thin wires curved to make this cake even cuter! Don't worry Mom and Dad took then out before giving to baby Paetyn!

The face was black buttercream. I hope they were able to clean Paetyn up good after smashing into those adorable mouth and eyes. Sometimes black icing has the tendency to tint fingers, teeth, lips, faces, etc... but it washes away! I promise!

That shiny red shell was originally just white buttercream. I used an edible spray paint to color it red. It was bad enough that there was the potential for a very messy 1 year old I didn't want to have both red AND black buttercream on the cake! So hopefully the red portion was a little less messy as far as tinting body parts goes! The line down this lady's back as well as her age dots were also black buttercream.

Every ladybug loves the grass and this cake was no exception! The green grass around the ladybug was hand piped vanilla buttercream dyed green. Probably the least likely to turn anyone's teeth a certain color! ;) The grass provided a nice border around the cake while still keeping true to the theme.

Overall, I absolutely LOVED the way this cake turned out. Paetyn's mom and dad saw this cake and they thought it was absolutely adorable. I couldn't agree more! I hope that baby Paetyn loved it as well and that Mom and Dad didn't have too much of a hard time with the cleanup!

I've got a new baking technique (***TOP SECRET***) for baking cakes that will end up this shape and I'm super excited to use it in the future! I'm thinking more ladybugs, baseballs, baby's bottoms, really anything that is rounded like this!

July 5, 2011

Funky Pink Zebra Cupcakes

These cupcakes were for a little girl who was turning 4 and as you can tell she is a pretty fabulous little chicka! Her mom wanted pink and zebra striped cupcakes with a few different designs and these are what I came up with.

Some of the cupcakes were white cake with vanilla buttercream while others were chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream. Both classic combinations and both were sure to appease someone's taste in the crowd! There were no fondant on these cupcakes so everything you see here was buttercream with the exception of the gumball on top of the all pink cupcakes!

There were 3 dozens of these puppies, each dozen with a different design. The zebra print on these cupcakes was hand piped. Then it was outlined in pink just to keep the whole theme together. The zebra print cupcakes were the only ones that would sit in pink cupcake liners.

These cupcakes were topped with a pink buttercream swirl that was textured. At the peak was a single pink gumball... sure to please any child! These pink pretties were inside of a zebra print cupcake liner.

Last but not least, this cupcake design was the hubby's favorite! (He always has a say in my designs which I always appreciate!) It was a simple piped rose in vanilla buttercream. Then to set it off hot pink sprinkles were used to tie it to the other cupcakes. These cupcakes were also set in zebra print cupcake liners.

I love the way these cupcakes turned out and so did the birthday girl's mom! Judging by her response I think I have a cupcake customer for life her daughter and future son-on-the-way! I hope to do more cupcakes in the future because they are so fun and cute, so if you need some little cuppies... I'm your gal!

July 3, 2011

A Very Curly Girly Baptism!

This cake was for a sweet little girl who was going to be baptized and had her whole family there to celebrate with her. Her mom ordered this cake for her to be served after the ceremony. It was an 8" round cake that was a delicious white cake with vanilla buttercream filling and icing. There was no fondant on this cake... It's been awhile since I had one of those but it's always nice to do an all buttercream cake once in awhile!

Naomi Elizabeth was going to be baptized on July 3rd, 2011. Her mom wanted her name on the cake as well as the date. I hand piped all of the lettering on this cake and I loved the way it turned out... so elegant yet cute and youthful at the same time!

The curly cues that were around the top of cake put this girly cake over the top. They were all hand piped vanilla buttercream. I love the way they framed the top of the cake to make the cross and roses shine!

The bottom of the cake was decorated with a buttercream "skirt"... yes folks, that is buttercream and not fondant! Sometimes it even amazes me what someone can do with buttercream icing! On top of the ruffles was a line of dragees. What are those you ask?
1. a nut or candy.
2. a small, beadlike piece of candy, usually silver-colored and used for decorating cookies, cake, and the like.
There are also a few of these around the top of the cake where the garland arcs meet. Edible pink pearls... EXACTLY what this cake needed!

The pink roses on top of the cake around the cross were vanilla buttercream as well. It has been a while since I've piped a buttercream rose but I think I've still got it. I only had to make a couple before they started turning out like this beauty here! I guess it's just like riding a bike... but sweeter! ;)

Now on to clearly the focal point of the cake... the cross. The cross was made from white chocolate that I melted down and poured into a cross cookie cutter. After the cross hardened I popped it out of the cutter and placed it on the cake. I decorated the cross with some more of those cute pink curls made from buttercream that match the top of the cake.

Overall, I love the way that this cake turned out. I think the Naomi's parents liked it too. It was my first baptism cake and I can't wait to do more!