July 1, 2011

A PAWsitively Perfect Pink and Purple Party!

This cake was for Eryn's party with her friends after ordering the Hawaiian cake for her family get-together. The theme for this party was cats with the accent colors being dark and light pink and purple. Very diva-ish and very cute!

Eryn's pawsitively perfect party cake was an 8" square cake and to please everyone the top half was chocolate cake and the bottom half was white cake. It was filled and topped with vanilla buttercream to make the classic combination complete! This way no one had to fight over flavors, everyone got a little bit of each!

We all know that curiosity killed the cat but this cat lived another day even after walking all over this cake! He left behind paw prints hand cut from fondant and placed strategically on the cake to make it look like an actual feline trotted right on this cake!

The border was simple black circles cut from fondant. I sprinkled them with black sprinkles making them sparkle! What little girl doesn't love her sparkles?!?!?!

All four sides of this cake were decorated with stripes of light pink, dark pink, and purple in a fabulously disorganized pattern. Can you see it? Each stripe was off set by the white buttercream in the background that it was stuck to. These stripes were all fondant and they were all measured for the proper width and then hand cut and placed on the cake with precision, or at least I tried my best to make them the straightest I could possibly make them! No one is perfect!

The letters on top of the cake were hand piped vanilla buttercream tinted pink to match the light pink in the stripes on the sides of the cake. I accented each letter with a little dot of black buttercream to make these letters go from wow to... WOW! ;) Look at that little kitty trying to ruin my fabulous writing... shame shame kitty. Shame shame.

Here's the return of those sparkly black sprinkles. This edging was actually a rope of black fondant. I "painted" it with water, then threw some sprinkles at it to see what would stick. Here's the result. It reminds me of the sparkly black pipe cleaners I used to make crafts with as a child or a feather boa. You decide.

I loved the way this cake turned out and when Eryn and her mom Kelly came to pick it up I think they loved it too! Happy birthday Eryn and thanks for ordering not just one birthday cake from me... but TWO! I hope you have an pawsitively perfect party to go with your pink and purple cake!

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