July 29, 2011

Itty Bitty Pretties!

Oh, mini cuppies how you steal my heart! I love the way these little cuties are bite size yet still manage to be just as cute as their larger (regular size) cupcake counterparts!

These mini cupcakes were for a bridal shower were the theme centered around slate blue, berry red, and rings... DIAMOND rings! The host of the shower wanted them to look fancy and cute while still reflecting the overall theme of the party. I would say MISSION COMPLETE!

The flavor of these cupcakes was a delicious champagne cake with a coordinating vanilla buttercream. They were bite-size AND delicious... what an awesome combination. There were only 48 ordered so the extra came on a road trip with me to my husband's hometown. Let me tell you the nieces and nephews sure did appreciate it!

There were 3 different designs for these 48 cupcakes... 12 of each. The first was a white floral swirl of buttercream adorned with a slate blue daisy made from fondant and a plastic diamond ring.

The second design was a mound of vanilla buttercream covered in white sugar crystals giving these ones a little crunch! And again a plastic diamond ring.

The last design is the same as the first. The only difference being the berry red daisy. The daisy was made from fondant while the diamond ring is not edible.

The party host loved the cupcakes and I hope the bride-to-be did as well! I really liked how super cute these little babies were. I think I have a new found love for itty bitty cuppies! So if you're thinking of ordering some... I'm your gal! :)

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