January 29, 2011

Baby Baby Baby, oh Baby (a la Justin Beiber song)

This cake was for a baby shower celebrating the upcoming birth of a little baby boy! The cake was designed to match the shower invitations. Although the colors were so vibrant I think the little circles turned out great! Pastel colors scream baby anyways, right?

The cake portion of this purchase was an 8 inch round chocolate cake. If was filled and covered with rich cholocate buttercream. To top this chocolate dream off the entire cake was covered with a delicious chocolate ganache. What's better than a super duper chocolately cake for a mommy-to-be? It sounds like a match made in heaven to me! The topper was a too-cute pair of baby Converse shoes. Unfortunately I failed to get a picture of that! (Hopefully I will be sent one to post here!)

The cupcakes for the shower were a yellow cake with vanilla buttercream dyed different colors to match the main cake and the invitations. The dots on top of the cupcakes that also adorned the main cake were hand painted to match the invitations. That was probably my favorite part of making this cake... and cupcakes! The cupcakes sat within brown cupcake collars to match the entire theme of the shower.

No one had the baby blues at this party! The cake and the cupcakes were so well-liked that the grandma-to-be personally called me after the shower to tell me how much she loved everything! I was so happy that she asked me to make this cake and cupcakes for her and I'm so happy that she enjoyed every last bite!

"Just wanted to let you know that the super chocolaty baby shower cake was super!!! The cake and cupcakes were a huge hit!!! The cake and cupcakes were adorable and they tasted great too!!!" - Sharon A.

January 28, 2011

One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila...

... FLOOR!

Here's another 21st birthday cake for another fabulous girl... or make that three! This birthday cake was made for some girlie girls and traveled all the way from Kansas City to Columbia, Missouri. Someone thinks these girls are special to travel that far with a cake! That's what moms are for right?

The bottom portion of this cake was an 8 inch round white cake with strawberry filling, smothered in delicious vanilla buttercream then covered and decorated with fondant. That's right those little black shadows are all different kinds of drinks. Perfect decorations for a cake for a 21st birthday! Oh and it HAD to be pink!

The top portion of the cake was a 6 inch round cake (same flavor and filling) made to look like an ice bucket holding bottles of liquor and ice cubes. The ice cubes were actual jello shots cut into squares. I even sent the extra jello shots that I had with them to make their night extra memorable... or should I say forgettable?!?! There had to be a giant "21" somewhere on this cake to let the other bar-goers know where to send the free drinks!

I know it's kind of strange to have empty liquor bottles on the top of the cake but it was being brought into a bar and I didn't know if that was going to be kosher or not. Don't worry the girls did get 3 full bottles of liquor to celebrate their birthdays with!

The cake made it to Columbia in one piece, jello shots in tact and all! I was so happy that Courtney's mom asked me to make this cake for her and her friends. The cake was a big hit at the bar and the birthday girls loved it!

So Happy 21st Birthday....


& Claire!

"OMG! Courtney and her friends LOVED the cake! It looked so cute! Thanks a bunch Alicia" -Sue H.

"Alicia, thank you so much for the cake! It was absolutely delicious and beautiful! Definitely one of the highlights of my party. I loved it!!" -Courtney H.

January 22, 2011

Me No Want Cookie! Me Want Cake!

We all know that Cookie Monster loves his cookies but what could be better than a CAKE that looks like cookie monster?

This cake was for one of my dearest friends little boy who was turning 1! The theme of the party was as you can tell baby cookie monster! I had so much fun making this cake and Carter and his parents loved it!

Cookie monster himself sat on top of a 10 inch round cake that was made to look like the plates used at the party. The bottom cake served 25 while cookie monster served around 12... I don't know for sure because he was just too cute to cut up at the party! Hee hee! :) Both cakes were confetti cake with vanilla buttercream. It's gotta be a party on the inside too right?!

This googly eyed cutie was covered in hand-piped blue buttercream fur. Yes it took a long time and there were many hand cramps along the way but it was definitely worth it! The cookie he is holding is courtesy of the Keebler Elves. I didn't want to bake an ENTIRE batch of cookies... although they would have gone great with the cake.

Since this cookie monster was a baby he had to have a diaper and luckily it was a clean one! Adorned with safety pins made from fondant to keep that sucker on! In addition to the diaper being fondant the cake that cookie monster is sitting on is covered in fondant as well.

And what's a first birthday without a smash cake? And what's a cookie monster party without a "cookie"? This smash cake was covered in buttercream which ended up getting destroyed by the birthday boy... after a little coaxing from mom of course! The "chips" were painted on with brown food coloring. Nom nom nom!

This is a picture of the birthday boy with his cake. He sure is checking that cake out hard. I like to think that the cake looks SO real that he is wondering why cookie monster is not moving!

I was so honored to be asked to make this cake and I loved the way it turned out!
Happy Birthday Carter!

"Carter's cake was so amazing and beyond our expectation. We cannot thank you enough for how grateful we are for such a fabulous cake that truly made Carter's party! Thank you! I am so excited for future cakes from you!" -Noelle L.

January 19, 2011

And She Lived Happily Ever After!

This cake was for a little girl turning 4 who loves her Disney princesses. Her favorite of course was Cinderella. A dream is a wish your heart makes and Raegan dreamed for a Cinderella cake for her birthday! I can't let down a little girl who aspires to be a princess now can I?!

This cake was a 6 inch chocolate cake with delicious vanilla buttercream icing and filling. It was just the right amount of cake for the family to enjoy while being snowed in! Yes, we had a huge snow storm tonight and Raegan's mom still came to pick up her birthday cake! The things we do for our kids right?!

The image of Cinderella was hand piped buttercream to match an image of Cinderella I had on hand. I wanted to make it look as if she was in a picture frame... mission accomplished (I think at least!). All of the swirls on the top and sides of the cake were also hand piped. I had to make this cake royal AND super girly!

Even though this cake wasn't the biggest cake I've ever made, I still think that it turned out super cute. When Raegan's mom came to pick up the cake, I think she loved it too! I haven't heard back from Raegan herself but I'm sure it was a dream come true for her! Eat your heart out Prince Charming!

"Thanks for making Raegan's birthday a "magical" time; she absolutely loved her Cinderella cake, as did we. Not only was the cake beautiful but it was delicious too :)" - Selena D.