January 29, 2011

Baby Baby Baby, oh Baby (a la Justin Beiber song)

This cake was for a baby shower celebrating the upcoming birth of a little baby boy! The cake was designed to match the shower invitations. Although the colors were so vibrant I think the little circles turned out great! Pastel colors scream baby anyways, right?

The cake portion of this purchase was an 8 inch round chocolate cake. If was filled and covered with rich cholocate buttercream. To top this chocolate dream off the entire cake was covered with a delicious chocolate ganache. What's better than a super duper chocolately cake for a mommy-to-be? It sounds like a match made in heaven to me! The topper was a too-cute pair of baby Converse shoes. Unfortunately I failed to get a picture of that! (Hopefully I will be sent one to post here!)

The cupcakes for the shower were a yellow cake with vanilla buttercream dyed different colors to match the main cake and the invitations. The dots on top of the cupcakes that also adorned the main cake were hand painted to match the invitations. That was probably my favorite part of making this cake... and cupcakes! The cupcakes sat within brown cupcake collars to match the entire theme of the shower.

No one had the baby blues at this party! The cake and the cupcakes were so well-liked that the grandma-to-be personally called me after the shower to tell me how much she loved everything! I was so happy that she asked me to make this cake and cupcakes for her and I'm so happy that she enjoyed every last bite!

"Just wanted to let you know that the super chocolaty baby shower cake was super!!! The cake and cupcakes were a huge hit!!! The cake and cupcakes were adorable and they tasted great too!!!" - Sharon A.

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