January 28, 2011

One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila...

... FLOOR!

Here's another 21st birthday cake for another fabulous girl... or make that three! This birthday cake was made for some girlie girls and traveled all the way from Kansas City to Columbia, Missouri. Someone thinks these girls are special to travel that far with a cake! That's what moms are for right?

The bottom portion of this cake was an 8 inch round white cake with strawberry filling, smothered in delicious vanilla buttercream then covered and decorated with fondant. That's right those little black shadows are all different kinds of drinks. Perfect decorations for a cake for a 21st birthday! Oh and it HAD to be pink!

The top portion of the cake was a 6 inch round cake (same flavor and filling) made to look like an ice bucket holding bottles of liquor and ice cubes. The ice cubes were actual jello shots cut into squares. I even sent the extra jello shots that I had with them to make their night extra memorable... or should I say forgettable?!?! There had to be a giant "21" somewhere on this cake to let the other bar-goers know where to send the free drinks!

I know it's kind of strange to have empty liquor bottles on the top of the cake but it was being brought into a bar and I didn't know if that was going to be kosher or not. Don't worry the girls did get 3 full bottles of liquor to celebrate their birthdays with!

The cake made it to Columbia in one piece, jello shots in tact and all! I was so happy that Courtney's mom asked me to make this cake for her and her friends. The cake was a big hit at the bar and the birthday girls loved it!

So Happy 21st Birthday....


& Claire!

"OMG! Courtney and her friends LOVED the cake! It looked so cute! Thanks a bunch Alicia" -Sue H.

"Alicia, thank you so much for the cake! It was absolutely delicious and beautiful! Definitely one of the highlights of my party. I loved it!!" -Courtney H.

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  1. This is One Beautiful cake. I'm amazed to c such great art that is too beautiful to even think about eating.... Wish I could get me de for my daughters 21st birthday n June. I have 2 daughters who's b'days r n the same month n same day......