September 24, 2011

The 3 F's: Fifty, Funky, and Fabulous (and you can't forget Fun either!)

This cake was for a woman who is 50, FUNKY, and FABULOUS and just happens to be a friend's future mother-in-law!

Candice's birthday cake was a 6 inch square chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream filling and icing. A classic combination for a classic lady!

Her future daughter-in-law wanted this cake to be bright and fun, and I definitely think I accomplished that! The entire cake was decorated with buttercream swirls, zig zags, and polka dots in lime green, purple, and light blue.

I even went as far as to decorate the cake board! I love having creative freedom!

It was requested that a disco ball be incorporated into the cake somehow. I decided what better way to put a disco ball on a cake than for the number 0!!!! I decorated the disco ball with silver sprinkles to really make it shine! I think it turned out great.

Like many residents of Kansas, Candice is a big Kansas State fan, hence the wildcat on the cake. It kills me a little bit inside each time I put a Wildcat on a cake :( , since I'm a die hard KU Jayhawk fan, and as you may or may not know these two colleges are huge rivals. As long as it makes the cake cuter, I guess I'll just sacrifice and keep making those wildcats! :)

The birthday girl also loves to make salsa. Yes, I'm talking hot, delicious, edible salsa. This love of making salsa translates to her car as well. She has a license plate, much like the one you see here, that says HTSALSA! How fun is that?!?!

I loved the way this cake turned out. So funky and fun! If you ask me this cake is not for some boring 50 year old's birthday, it's definitely for someone who is 50 and fabulous! My friend loved it and assured me that her future mother-in-law would love it too!

September 19, 2011

Down in the Dumps?

This cake will be sure to perk you right up!

This cake was for a little boy who was turning 5. His mom wanted a dump truck theme and had the idea of doing a 2D dump truck made out of cake. When I shared this with my husband he came up with this brilliant idea. I shared it with my customer and she loved it! She went out and bought the dump truck and brought it to me to fill with cake!

This cake was an 8 inch round chocolate cake carved to fit into a toy dump truck and then carved to look like a pile of dirt. It was then iced in vanilla buttercream tinted brown to match the dirt color. On top of that was a layer of ground up oreo cookies without the filling. I sprinkled the crumbs all over the cake to cover up the icing.

This cake was relatively easy to complete and I love the way it turned out. The dump truck idea was such a good one! Thanks hubby!

I'm sure that in addition to loving the cake the little boy loved his new toy! Of course in order to play with it he had to wait until all the cake was gone and it was washed out.

I really enjoyed making this cake and I think it turned out way better than a 2D dump truck would have. The birthday boy's mom loved it too. I wish I could have seen the look on the birthday boy's face!

Happy birthday Lucas! I hope you loved your cake and your new toy!

September 11, 2011

Baby Forest Critters Galore!

This cake was for a friend's baby shower. She is expecting a little boy and the invitations match his nursery pretty darn well. The host of the baby shower wanted the cake to look like the invitation as well. While it took a while to decorate this cake it was well worth the response I got from the mom-to-be, the host of the shower, and the guests!

This cake was an 8 inch round cake, perfect for the amount of guests at the shower. It was a confetti cake. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's a white cake with sprinkles in the batter. It was iced in vanilla buttercream and decorated with fondant accents.

The base of the cake was lined with a tan strip of fondant decorated with brown, green, and white polka dots to match the base of the invitation to the shower. I started with this because while I think it's cute, it's probably the least cute thing on this cake. Each of the animals were hand cut from fondant to match the invitation as well. Begin the cuteness parade...

Mr. Bear looking very brown.

Mrs. Fox looking very foxy!

Mr. Frog just chillin' on a toadstool!

Whooooo's that? It's Mr. Owl!

Ms. Bird. Ms. Blue Bird to be exact!

Almost to cute to eat huh?

The top of the cake was decorated with the words, "Sweet Baby Kohman". Kohman being the parents-to-be's last name (Duh!). These words were hand piped with some brown buttercream.

The words were written on a slight angle. Had I done them straight across I feared that they would cover up too much of that adorable little tree with Ms. Blue Bird and Mr. Owl on it!

The cake was very well received at the party by all the guests. The mom-to-be loved it as well, which for obvious reasons is the most important thing! I thought I did a very good job capturing the invitation also! ::pats herself on back:: I really like the style of this cake and I was so glad I was asked to make this cake for such an amazing event!

Congratulations Leslie! I can't wait to meet baby Kyle!

Polka Dots, Flowers, and Zebra Print,... OH MY!

This cake was for a little girl's birthday party. She is 7 and super fabulous and her cake had to match!

Her mom wanted a two tier cake that was pink, had polka dots, and also incorporated zebra stripes. Ask and you shall receive! The two tiers were a 6 inch round a top an 8 inch round. Both tiers were white cake with vanilla buttercream. They were then decorated with fondant to complete the design.

The top tier was iced in pink buttercream and decorated with polka dots. The black, hot pink, and white polka dots were hand cut from fondant and strategically placed around the tier. Some were overlapping and some stood on their own but they all made this top tier look super cute!

The bottom tier was decorated with black zebra stripes. I painstakingly cut each stripe from fondant and placed them on the cake. It took a long time but I really like the effect and how it turned out!

Along the bottom of both tiers was some hot pink fringe! This was made from buttercream dyed hot pink and piped with a special tip. I like the effect and it kind of reminds me of a fabulous pink boa! Perfect for a 7 year old girl!

There was a topper on the cake that was purchased by the mother of the birthday girl at Hobby Lobby. She also wanted some roses thrown in to really make this cake precious.

The roses were hand molded from fondant. There were some hot pink ones as well as some light pink ones. I had to keep the colors from the rest of the cake going on top of the cake too! I also incorporated some green leaves (also from fondant) to complete the look.

Overall, I think this cake turned out just as fabulous, fun, and fancy as the mother of the birthday girl wanted. It was picked up before the party and while the birthday girl didn't seen it then, her mom sure liked it! A co-worker attended the party and she loved the cake as well. Sometimes it just takes a little fabulousness to make a great cake!

September 2, 2011

Money Matters...

Especially when you are on a fixed income! :)

This cake was for a dear friend's parents birthdays - yes both Mom and Dad were celebrating on this one. Since they are now both retired they have been running around joking and saying that they are on a "fixed income" now and my friend wanted to incorporate that into their birthday cake!

This cake was a 6 inch round - perfect size for the family. It was a delicious chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream icing. The cake was then covered with a layer of green fondant to add to the overall theme.

The writing on the top of the cake was hand piped in vanilla buttercream. I decided to do a pun on the 'S' in "Fixed Incomers". See it?! Clever little me! :) Then it was on to all of the expensive decorations!

If you know my friend at all you know that she LOVES fondant! So needless to say she wanted lots and lots of fondant decorations. I aim to please so I loaded up on the greens, golds, and silvers with this cake.

There were lots of bills on this cake including $100 and $50 bills. But they also ranged down to $5 bills as well. Hey, I had to have some variety!

In addition to the bills I made some gold and silver coins to add to the flare of the cake. All of the abstract decorations, both on the bills and the coins were hand painted with some food coloring and vodka. I'm sure this couple didn't mind... did you see their Cheers! birthday cake last year? (It's the second one listed.) But seriously, the vodka evaporates leaving the color.

I also incorporated some hand cut dollar signs. What's a money cake without some dollar signs? Not a complete money cake that's for sure! The bottom of the cake was lined with some vanilla buttercream dots to make it look complete as well.

I'm most proud of this giant dollar sign. It's hand cut from fondant but I also dipped it in some green sprinkles to make it sparkle. I didn't want it to be too much so I only put one on the cake but I think one is just enough to stand out!

The daughter of the birthday couple loved the cake, and I'm sure the whole family did as well. I really liked doing this cake. It gave me the chance to make a non-symmetrical, abstract cake and it turned out really cute! Happy birthday you fixed incomers, I hope you had a wonderful weekend celebrating!