September 11, 2011

Baby Forest Critters Galore!

This cake was for a friend's baby shower. She is expecting a little boy and the invitations match his nursery pretty darn well. The host of the baby shower wanted the cake to look like the invitation as well. While it took a while to decorate this cake it was well worth the response I got from the mom-to-be, the host of the shower, and the guests!

This cake was an 8 inch round cake, perfect for the amount of guests at the shower. It was a confetti cake. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's a white cake with sprinkles in the batter. It was iced in vanilla buttercream and decorated with fondant accents.

The base of the cake was lined with a tan strip of fondant decorated with brown, green, and white polka dots to match the base of the invitation to the shower. I started with this because while I think it's cute, it's probably the least cute thing on this cake. Each of the animals were hand cut from fondant to match the invitation as well. Begin the cuteness parade...

Mr. Bear looking very brown.

Mrs. Fox looking very foxy!

Mr. Frog just chillin' on a toadstool!

Whooooo's that? It's Mr. Owl!

Ms. Bird. Ms. Blue Bird to be exact!

Almost to cute to eat huh?

The top of the cake was decorated with the words, "Sweet Baby Kohman". Kohman being the parents-to-be's last name (Duh!). These words were hand piped with some brown buttercream.

The words were written on a slight angle. Had I done them straight across I feared that they would cover up too much of that adorable little tree with Ms. Blue Bird and Mr. Owl on it!

The cake was very well received at the party by all the guests. The mom-to-be loved it as well, which for obvious reasons is the most important thing! I thought I did a very good job capturing the invitation also! ::pats herself on back:: I really like the style of this cake and I was so glad I was asked to make this cake for such an amazing event!

Congratulations Leslie! I can't wait to meet baby Kyle!

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