September 2, 2011

Money Matters...

Especially when you are on a fixed income! :)

This cake was for a dear friend's parents birthdays - yes both Mom and Dad were celebrating on this one. Since they are now both retired they have been running around joking and saying that they are on a "fixed income" now and my friend wanted to incorporate that into their birthday cake!

This cake was a 6 inch round - perfect size for the family. It was a delicious chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream icing. The cake was then covered with a layer of green fondant to add to the overall theme.

The writing on the top of the cake was hand piped in vanilla buttercream. I decided to do a pun on the 'S' in "Fixed Incomers". See it?! Clever little me! :) Then it was on to all of the expensive decorations!

If you know my friend at all you know that she LOVES fondant! So needless to say she wanted lots and lots of fondant decorations. I aim to please so I loaded up on the greens, golds, and silvers with this cake.

There were lots of bills on this cake including $100 and $50 bills. But they also ranged down to $5 bills as well. Hey, I had to have some variety!

In addition to the bills I made some gold and silver coins to add to the flare of the cake. All of the abstract decorations, both on the bills and the coins were hand painted with some food coloring and vodka. I'm sure this couple didn't mind... did you see their Cheers! birthday cake last year? (It's the second one listed.) But seriously, the vodka evaporates leaving the color.

I also incorporated some hand cut dollar signs. What's a money cake without some dollar signs? Not a complete money cake that's for sure! The bottom of the cake was lined with some vanilla buttercream dots to make it look complete as well.

I'm most proud of this giant dollar sign. It's hand cut from fondant but I also dipped it in some green sprinkles to make it sparkle. I didn't want it to be too much so I only put one on the cake but I think one is just enough to stand out!

The daughter of the birthday couple loved the cake, and I'm sure the whole family did as well. I really liked doing this cake. It gave me the chance to make a non-symmetrical, abstract cake and it turned out really cute! Happy birthday you fixed incomers, I hope you had a wonderful weekend celebrating!

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