September 11, 2011

Polka Dots, Flowers, and Zebra Print,... OH MY!

This cake was for a little girl's birthday party. She is 7 and super fabulous and her cake had to match!

Her mom wanted a two tier cake that was pink, had polka dots, and also incorporated zebra stripes. Ask and you shall receive! The two tiers were a 6 inch round a top an 8 inch round. Both tiers were white cake with vanilla buttercream. They were then decorated with fondant to complete the design.

The top tier was iced in pink buttercream and decorated with polka dots. The black, hot pink, and white polka dots were hand cut from fondant and strategically placed around the tier. Some were overlapping and some stood on their own but they all made this top tier look super cute!

The bottom tier was decorated with black zebra stripes. I painstakingly cut each stripe from fondant and placed them on the cake. It took a long time but I really like the effect and how it turned out!

Along the bottom of both tiers was some hot pink fringe! This was made from buttercream dyed hot pink and piped with a special tip. I like the effect and it kind of reminds me of a fabulous pink boa! Perfect for a 7 year old girl!

There was a topper on the cake that was purchased by the mother of the birthday girl at Hobby Lobby. She also wanted some roses thrown in to really make this cake precious.

The roses were hand molded from fondant. There were some hot pink ones as well as some light pink ones. I had to keep the colors from the rest of the cake going on top of the cake too! I also incorporated some green leaves (also from fondant) to complete the look.

Overall, I think this cake turned out just as fabulous, fun, and fancy as the mother of the birthday girl wanted. It was picked up before the party and while the birthday girl didn't seen it then, her mom sure liked it! A co-worker attended the party and she loved the cake as well. Sometimes it just takes a little fabulousness to make a great cake!

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