February 26, 2011

An Oldie But Goodie!

Like the cake says... It's all downhill from 40! All kidding aside this cake was so much fun to make for a friend of my husband. It was a surprise party so the guest of honor had no idea what he was in for. His business partner and good friend order this cake for him displaying things from his youth and what he can "look forward to" in the coming years. Originally there was supposed to be an x-rated "member" on top that was anything but stiff but there was going to be children at the party so a last minute edit was definitely needed!

This cake was a 9"x13" sheet cake with a hill the size of two single layer 6" round cakes. The cake was a delicious strawberry flavor with vanilla buttercream. The hill was hand carved and mounded. There had to be hill for an OVER THE HILL cake, right?!?! Sitting on top of the hill was an edible walker, tennis balls, hand grips, and all. It was sculpted by yours truly with the help of Google Images to model after. Hopefully Shawn won't have to use one of these for awhile but it was a great topper to pull the whole cake together.

On one side of the hill was a representation of Shawn's youth. Things that may have made him into the man he has become today. All of the decorations were cut from fondant and while I know they are not to scale, I love the way this side of the cake looks... very young and hip!

Here's a closeup of the things Shawn used to enjoy in his prime. Including a silhouette of a sexy lady, a football, a lady's thong, a beer bong, and big frothy mug of ale.

Now onto the other side of the hill. These are the things Shawn has to look forward to, err maybe just the things that he may encounter! These items were all cut out of fondant so while they may not be the most pleasant of items, at least they taste good!

And here's the close up... A pill bottle full of pills to keep Shawn healthy, some viagra pills (If you don't know what those are used for you better ask somebody! This is a family blog!), some Depends adult diapers to keep accidents under control, and finally a nice walking cane to keep him from getting off-kilter!

All joking aside I love the way this cake turned out and Shawn was a great sport when it came to the unveiling. Everyone loved it and it was hard to keep the birthday boy away from the icing... a true kid at heart! I was glad that I was invited to the party and had a blast!

Happy 40th birthday YOU OLD MAN! :)

February 20, 2011

It's A Rock Chalk Jayhawk Birthday!

Hail to Old KU!!!!!

Yes I am a KU fan and I was extremely thrilled when I was asked to do a KU birthday cake for a friend of mine! I had done Kansas State cakes and even Missou cakes but I had yet to make a KU one. Here was my chance and I absolutely love how it turned out!

This cake was six inch round cake that was delicous red velvet and filled and covered with vanilla buttercream. The jayhawk, letters, and polka dots were all made from fondant. This cake was the colors of University of Kansas and the birthday girl loved it just as much as she loves her beloved jayhawks!

Kirby's name was a little too large for the top of this cake. I mean, I had to make room for the Jayhawk! What's a KU cake without that?!?! I like how the 'K' and the 'y' in her name came over the sides of the cake though.

I mimicked the coming over the sides of the cake on the cake board with the words "Happy Birthday". The 'H', 'B', and 'y' all come over the edges just enough to bring all the lettering together! And look at those precious little polka dots! They added a little girly touch but not too much because that's the kind of girl Kirby is!

The Jayhawk head was absolutely perfect! It screamed "GO KU!" without even saying a word! The red, white, and yellow were layered on top of the blue to give a 3D effect and it turned out great! This cake was perfect for her!

Happy birthday Kirb-a-lirb and thank you so much for the opportunity to make a cake that reflects my favorite team and yours! ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!

"Thank You so much for making my birthday cake! Red Velvet is my favorite and it was so delicious!" - Kirby W.

"Thank you so much for making Kirby's birthday Cake. Everyone loved it and the artwork." - Jason B.

February 19, 2011

Going Bananas for this Birthday Cake!

This monkey cake was modeled after the invitations for a little boy's birthday party. The party was also at a place called Monkey Bizness. The party planner parents knew exactly what they were doing when planning this birthday party!

This cake was a two tiered cake, an 8 inch round on the bottom and a single layer 6 inch round on the top. The bottom cake served 24 and was a white cake with strawberry filling and covered in vanilla buttercream. The top cake was considered a smash cake and was for the birthday boy only. It was also a white cake with vanilla buttercream.

The monkey's face, tail, banana, and the leaves around the cake were all made from fondant. His sweet little monkey face turned out absolutely perfect. I just want to pinch his little monkey cheeks!

That banana looks good enough to eat! Oh wait, it IS edible but it does not taste like a banana! I'm sure the birthday monkey still loved it!

Look at that cute little curl in his tail! It makes my heart melt!

The leaves were hand cut and meticulously placed around the base of the cake and underneath the monkey's head, just to make him look like he was swinging from the trees!

The clouds that were placed throughout the jungle sky on the this cake were vanilla buttercream. I loved how they turned out looking very cartoon-ey (yeah, I do believe I just made up a new word!).

The parents of the birthday monkey JP loved the cake and so did the employees of Monkey Bizness! Hopefully this cake will bring in more orders for monkey cakes. I love the way this one turned out and I can't wait to see pictures of the birthday boy with his cake!

"The cake was great! Thanks again sooooo much!"
-John M.

February 12, 2011

Lay your pretty head to rest...

On this pretty little pillow!

This fluffy pink pillow was for a pretty little princess named Madisynn who was turning 3! Complete with a princess tiara and scepter, this cake was perfect for this princess' party!

This cake was an 8 inch square cake carved to look like a little pillow. It served 22 and was a delicious white cake (that was dyed pink) and vanilla buttercream. The top was adorned with buttercream buttons with a design that looked like they were imprinted into the pillow.

The "seams" on this cake were made from buttercream and ran all the way around the cake. They were interrupted by these perfect pink balls and tassels on each corner. The lacey design made this pillow look extra fancy. You couldn't have it any other way for a princess!

The cake board was even fancy too! It was lined with pearl and clear beads all the way around. Madisynn's name was on the board in two tone fondant pieces. The swirls around all four sides and underlining her name made it look like she was a member of royalty!

The tiara that was definitely not edible but super cute just the same sat atop this little pillow ready for the crowning of the birthday princess. There was a barrier between the tiara and the buttercream. We wouldn't want any little kiddos ingesting any non-edible feathers, now would we?

All the party guests loved the cake but the best part of the delivery was seeing Madisynn's face light up when she saw her birthday cake! Her mom is a co-worker of mine and she had previously mentioned that she was sort of a cake snob. Needless to say this had me a little worried... BUT, she loved it! Phew! (As I wipe my brow!)

I was glad i got the opportunity to make this cake and everything is a learning experience but I think that for my first carved pillow cake, I did a pretty good job! Happy Birthday Madisynn!

February 3, 2011

She Said Yes!

And it's a good thing too! If she hadn't I don't know what would have happened to this beautiful cake!

This cake was for a couple who just got engaged! It was a suprise from the sister of the bride-to-be. She wanted it cute, girlie, and it definitely had to have diamond rings all over it! The cake was a 6 inch round strawberry cake filled and iced with vanilla buttercream and covered with fondant. Originally the color scheme was going to be blues and brown but I'm glad she changed her mind to pinks... it looks so cute!

Normally I just cover my cake boards in foil but with this special, once in a lifetime occasion it called for a little extra effort on my part! The edges were adorned with tiny pearls that shimmered when set up against the foil. It really added a little umpf to this cake!

And what's an engagement cake not surrounded by giant diamond rings? Just a cake, a really cute cake, but just a cake... that's what it is! These rings are made from gumpaste and completely edible. Well except for the pearls on the ring on top of the cake. I wouldn't want to want to eat them because they do dry rock hard but if you wanted to you could eat them! :) Yay to edible diamond rings!

A perfect combination of polka dots and stripes make this cake absolute perfection. The color combination of pinks and brown help the cause as well. The brown dots lining the base and top of the cake were hand piped chocolate buttercream. The oh so important words were also hand piped chocolate buttercream. Every girl loves a little bit of chocolate with her bling bling!

Congratulations Cole and Alyssa! I was so happy to be a part of their special surprise day! Here's to your engagement and what every new day brings to your relationship!

"Alicia, thank you so much for making Alyssa & Cole's engagement cake! It was absolutely perfect and they were thrilled with it! I couldn't even imagine a cuter cake for such a special day! YOU ARE THE BEST! :)" -Stephanie P.