February 26, 2011

An Oldie But Goodie!

Like the cake says... It's all downhill from 40! All kidding aside this cake was so much fun to make for a friend of my husband. It was a surprise party so the guest of honor had no idea what he was in for. His business partner and good friend order this cake for him displaying things from his youth and what he can "look forward to" in the coming years. Originally there was supposed to be an x-rated "member" on top that was anything but stiff but there was going to be children at the party so a last minute edit was definitely needed!

This cake was a 9"x13" sheet cake with a hill the size of two single layer 6" round cakes. The cake was a delicious strawberry flavor with vanilla buttercream. The hill was hand carved and mounded. There had to be hill for an OVER THE HILL cake, right?!?! Sitting on top of the hill was an edible walker, tennis balls, hand grips, and all. It was sculpted by yours truly with the help of Google Images to model after. Hopefully Shawn won't have to use one of these for awhile but it was a great topper to pull the whole cake together.

On one side of the hill was a representation of Shawn's youth. Things that may have made him into the man he has become today. All of the decorations were cut from fondant and while I know they are not to scale, I love the way this side of the cake looks... very young and hip!

Here's a closeup of the things Shawn used to enjoy in his prime. Including a silhouette of a sexy lady, a football, a lady's thong, a beer bong, and big frothy mug of ale.

Now onto the other side of the hill. These are the things Shawn has to look forward to, err maybe just the things that he may encounter! These items were all cut out of fondant so while they may not be the most pleasant of items, at least they taste good!

And here's the close up... A pill bottle full of pills to keep Shawn healthy, some viagra pills (If you don't know what those are used for you better ask somebody! This is a family blog!), some Depends adult diapers to keep accidents under control, and finally a nice walking cane to keep him from getting off-kilter!

All joking aside I love the way this cake turned out and Shawn was a great sport when it came to the unveiling. Everyone loved it and it was hard to keep the birthday boy away from the icing... a true kid at heart! I was glad that I was invited to the party and had a blast!

Happy 40th birthday YOU OLD MAN! :)

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