February 12, 2011

Lay your pretty head to rest...

On this pretty little pillow!

This fluffy pink pillow was for a pretty little princess named Madisynn who was turning 3! Complete with a princess tiara and scepter, this cake was perfect for this princess' party!

This cake was an 8 inch square cake carved to look like a little pillow. It served 22 and was a delicious white cake (that was dyed pink) and vanilla buttercream. The top was adorned with buttercream buttons with a design that looked like they were imprinted into the pillow.

The "seams" on this cake were made from buttercream and ran all the way around the cake. They were interrupted by these perfect pink balls and tassels on each corner. The lacey design made this pillow look extra fancy. You couldn't have it any other way for a princess!

The cake board was even fancy too! It was lined with pearl and clear beads all the way around. Madisynn's name was on the board in two tone fondant pieces. The swirls around all four sides and underlining her name made it look like she was a member of royalty!

The tiara that was definitely not edible but super cute just the same sat atop this little pillow ready for the crowning of the birthday princess. There was a barrier between the tiara and the buttercream. We wouldn't want any little kiddos ingesting any non-edible feathers, now would we?

All the party guests loved the cake but the best part of the delivery was seeing Madisynn's face light up when she saw her birthday cake! Her mom is a co-worker of mine and she had previously mentioned that she was sort of a cake snob. Needless to say this had me a little worried... BUT, she loved it! Phew! (As I wipe my brow!)

I was glad i got the opportunity to make this cake and everything is a learning experience but I think that for my first carved pillow cake, I did a pretty good job! Happy Birthday Madisynn!

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  1. It was awesome!!!! You truly delivered for my little princess Madisynn, we all loved it! Not only was the cake absolutely precious, but it tasted amazing too! Lots of times you have to sacrifice looks for taste or vice versa, but not with you, gorgeous and yummy! Thanks for making her birthday extra special and I would recommend you to everyone!