February 20, 2011

It's A Rock Chalk Jayhawk Birthday!

Hail to Old KU!!!!!

Yes I am a KU fan and I was extremely thrilled when I was asked to do a KU birthday cake for a friend of mine! I had done Kansas State cakes and even Missou cakes but I had yet to make a KU one. Here was my chance and I absolutely love how it turned out!

This cake was six inch round cake that was delicous red velvet and filled and covered with vanilla buttercream. The jayhawk, letters, and polka dots were all made from fondant. This cake was the colors of University of Kansas and the birthday girl loved it just as much as she loves her beloved jayhawks!

Kirby's name was a little too large for the top of this cake. I mean, I had to make room for the Jayhawk! What's a KU cake without that?!?! I like how the 'K' and the 'y' in her name came over the sides of the cake though.

I mimicked the coming over the sides of the cake on the cake board with the words "Happy Birthday". The 'H', 'B', and 'y' all come over the edges just enough to bring all the lettering together! And look at those precious little polka dots! They added a little girly touch but not too much because that's the kind of girl Kirby is!

The Jayhawk head was absolutely perfect! It screamed "GO KU!" without even saying a word! The red, white, and yellow were layered on top of the blue to give a 3D effect and it turned out great! This cake was perfect for her!

Happy birthday Kirb-a-lirb and thank you so much for the opportunity to make a cake that reflects my favorite team and yours! ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!

"Thank You so much for making my birthday cake! Red Velvet is my favorite and it was so delicious!" - Kirby W.

"Thank you so much for making Kirby's birthday Cake. Everyone loved it and the artwork." - Jason B.


  1. Looks amazing!! I'm glad you finally did a ku cake!

  2. How much would something like this cost me? My oldest is graduating and going KU. I was thinking for graduation. Please email response to angelaa@pld.com. thank u.