December 23, 2010

Finally Legal!

Hey Bartender! Another round please?! As if one of these GIANT margarita's wasn't enough to "drink"!

This cake was for a friend's 21st birthday. Somehow she knows what a margarita tastes like ;) and she knew she wanted that as her cake. The top portion of this massive sculpture is where the cake lies. It's an 8 inch round white cake with vanilla buttercream filling. It served 24 people but I'm sure no one wanted to cut into it!

The birthday girl loves pink and it paired very well with the traditional lime green of an actual margarita. A pink 21 dons the front of the glass telling everyone that this chicka can drink!

The cake was covered in fondant except for the exposed frozen margarita swirled buttercream. Looks good enough to drink, huh? Sanding sugar lines the rim of the glass to look like salt. The straw was a dowel covered in fondant. The lime was hand molded and hand painted out of fondant.

The base of the glass was styrofoam coverd in fondant with a bead border in buttercream (say that ten times fast!) to make the glass look a little fancier! I didn't want the board to look plain so I added some quotes and phrases that may come up throughout the birthday girl's evening.

So the light poured down on this cake and the birthday girl loved it! I was unable to attend her party as it was the holidays and I was driving out of town. I did drop it off at the bar where she would be starting the night and received many praises as I walked through the doors. An hour or so later when she arrived and saw her cake, the text message compliments started to fly! I'm so glad she enjoyed her cake!

Happy Birthday Taylor!

"The cake is fantastic. You did a great job. It tastes as good as it looks." -Michael C.

"OMG most amazing birthday cake ever!" -Taylor B.


This cake was for a couple of IronMEN! (Are you sensing a theme here? I mean how many twins can I make a cake for?!) These two little boys who were turning 4 love Ironman, especially the red one. I decided to make it real comic book-ey (Is that even a word?) to match the entire theme of the party.

It was an 8 inch round cake that served around 24 party goers. It was marbled with white cake and chocolate fudge cake and filled with delicious vanilla buttercream. All of the decorations are fondant with yellow buttercream as accents. Ironman himself was hand cut from fondant and detailed as well to make him super muscle-y (again, is that a word?).

A la the old comic books Ironman needs to have some action bubbles. I don't think that is what these are called but you get the idea.

************** P O W **************

************** W O O S H **************

************** Z A P **************

Here's hoping these two boys have a super birthday... just as super as Ironman himself! I know that their aunt Jennifer who ordered the cake loved it so Braxton, Braiden, and the rest of the party guests should love it too!

December 11, 2010

Royalty Times 2!

What's better than one member of a royal family? TWO members! This cake was for a birthday party for a little prince and princess who were turning 1 and wanted to celebrate in style!

These twins were equipped with their own personal smash cakes while the rest of the party guests enjoyed devouring their humble abode... a giant castle!

The party cake was an 8 inch round white cake with delicious creamy vanilla buttercream filling. Like my previous and very first castle cake I used the same general structure but switched up the colors, details, and design.

I decided that these two royal twins needed their names on this cake. I hand piped the lettering honoring Carter and Gracie on the top of the castle.

The drawbridge castle door was made from fondant and turned out great. Other fondant accents on this cake include the fondant covered cardboard roll towers, the fondant covered ice cream cone turrets, the rim all around the castle, and the windows that the inhabitants of the castle can peek trough. Buttercream dots, ribbons, and shells also adorned the castle in multiple places.

If there was any image that I could pipe onto these two smash cakes, a royal crown was it!

Carter's cake was a simple white 6 inch smash cake. It donned a boyish blue crown, his name, and a #1 stating that it was his birthday and no one else's.... but wait! It was Gracie's birthday too!

Gracie's cake was the same size as Carter's. With siblings everything has to be the same, am I right all the mom's out there? Her cake sported a pink and gold crown stating her name and her age as well.

I can't wait to see pictures of these two literally smashing their little fists into these two cakes. When I delivered the cake the royal grandparents of these twins and the king of the castle seemed to love the design. I hope the rest of the party guests enjoyed the cake as much as I enjoyed making it!

"The cake was amazing! So moist! I'll have to send you pics of the twins destroying their smash cake." -Brianne H.

December 5, 2010

Shhhhh..... it's a Silent Auction!

This cake was for a silent auction for a non-profit organization called Rehome Midwest. They strive to provide care for animals who would otherwise not have the opportunity. You can check out their facebook page here or their website here.

This particular cake was not up for auction itself, and frankly I don't know ANYONE who would want it! Only because it's styrofoam! It is a 10 inch round covered in royal icing and decorated with buttercream scrolls, shells and beads. The red ribbon is an actual ribbon and is not edible either, it looks good though!

The top was a quilted pattern outlined with buttercream and accented with little pearls... again, not edible!

The winner at the auction actually won this...

And the winner was a friend's boyfriend. He decided to use the gift certificate on a cake for her 21st birthday, a cake that's a 3D margarita! That cake will be started later this month so stay tuned.

I had pictures of past cakes on display also at the auction with plenty of business cards. I'm hoping it will get me a lot of future orders! I will definitely be doing this silent auction again next time... as long as I'm asked! (Thanks to Stephanie Batman for the awesome photo!)

Can you tell me how to get...

How to get to Sesame Street? Sure I can! Right this way...

This cake was for a darling little girl who was turning 1 and her mom was throwing her a Sesame Street inspired party with Bird Bird as the co-VIP!

The main cake was for everyone else at the party. It was a 6 inch round on top of an 8 inch round. Both tiers were a delicious white and fudge marble cake with raspberry filling and vanilla buttercream icing. The famous sign that dons Kaitlyn's name was hand cut from fondant along with the polka dots and the many many presents along the bottom tier.

Miss Kaitlyn would have her own smash cake with Bird Bird's face on it to entice her to "play" with him. Meaning that she would inevitable reach out for that cuddly yellow bird, realize he was actually made from frosting, and then EAT HIM - in the nicest most sesame street way as possible! :) Her cake was a simple white cake and the decorations were all sweet vanilla buttercream. I'm sure her parents got some great pictures and there was probably a lot of clean up to do in the end. Oh well, as long as Kaitlyn enjoyed it, right? Right!

Kaitlyn's mom had some cute little toppers that fit the Sesame Street theme so well. Unfortunately, I did not get a picture with them adorning the cake! Sad face... tear... Now's the time when you would close your eyes and imagine them there on top of the cake! Hopefully, Kaitlyn's mom will send me a picture of the toppers on the cake AS WELL AS little Kaitlyn smashing into her own personal cake! I love those photos!

The whole family loved the cake and all of the party decorations looked great and the cake fit in fantastically! Hopefully, they loved the flavor and taste as well!

November 28, 2010

Sunday is so so SWEET!!

In the cake world there is a website that is VERY VERY well known. The website is I know what you are thinking... why would ANYONE want to have ANYTHING to do with a website with the words cake and wreck in the name? Normally, I would agree but today is sweet!

During the week this blog makes post about cakes that have gone wrong in one way or another. But Sunday is a new day! Sunday is the day they feature the Sunday Sweets. These are cakes that are featured for their beauty, construction, theme, and overall awesomeness. Guess who's cake was featured on today's Sunday Sweets? No guess... okay I'll tell you, it was ME! I felt so warm and fuzzy inside when I saw my cake on a very recognized blog! You can see the blog here.

The cake that was featured was my Doctor's Bag cake which you can see the post on the "Before the Blog Cakes" tab.

This is such an honor and it just gave me one more thing to be thankful for on my Thanksgiving break! It also made it that much sweeter!

Thanks for all of your support and I'll keep you posted if I find my cakes anywhere else in cyber space!

November 13, 2010

We're Not in Kansas Anymore!

This cake was for a woman who even though she lives in Nebraska loves the Wizard of Oz. Her daughter ordered the cake and her husband came up with the phrase "Everywhere you are is Kansas!" I loved the quote and couldn't say no to this order when I had free creative reign! This is what I came up with.

This Wizard of Oz cake was a 12 inch round cake and served 60. It was a simple delicious white cake with vanilla buttercream filling. Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm! A combination even the Wicked Witch of the West would love! I tried to include everything that I could think of without making the cake look too crazy! All of those little accents were made from fondant. The quotes were hand piped with buttercream.

This cake needed to travel from Kansas to Nebraska in one piece - and transported by someone other than myself! Luckily there were no tornadoes to whisk this little goodie off to Munchkin Land!

Somewhere over the rainbow...

Dorothy's house landed on the Wicked Witch of the East!

And the Ruby Red Slippers magically appeared on Dorothy's feet!

She was told to "Follow the yellow brick road!"...

to the Emerald City to see the Wizard of Oz!

But the Wicked Witch of the West would cause Dorothy and her friends some trouble with some poisoned poppies!

I'm really loving the way that this cake turned out and it really does follow the story of Dorothy, Toto, and her new friends! I'm hoping that it made it all the way to Nebraska in one piece and I hope that the recipient LOVED it just as much as I do!

"Alicia Patrick did such an amazing job on my mom's Wizard of Oz themed birthday cake for her 60th birthday celebration!!!!" -Amanda P.

November 6, 2010

Everybody was Kung Fu fighting!

Well how else would it be with a bunch of ninjas on one cake?!?!?!

The beloved Pocket Ninja is a pint-sized master of stealth, born to give stealth hugs to small mammals, snatch candy, cookies and other sweet things from your pockets, and in general be a humble and honorable superstar. Beware his mad ninja skills and obscene level of cute! The recipient of this cake has her own pocket ninja and loves it so why not put some on her birthday cake?

This birthday cake was an 8 inch round cake that serves 24. It was a chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream filling. What a classic combo! The pocket ninjas, ninja rubber duckies, and ninja headband were all made from fondant.

The ninja head band donned a black ninja that kind of looks like an alien, but that's what makes him so deadly, right? The Chinese characters on either side of the ninja are not actual characters and if they are I have no idea what they mean so I'm releasing myself from any fault if I offend or upset anyone! I just piped the characters as if they were real. The headband wraps almost completely around the cake but not quite the whole thing. I wanted the ends to curl out as if they were made from real fabric.

Here is Amy's friend... the pocket ninja. This is a phenomenom that I did not know anything about but apparently it's all the rage. I will admit this little guy is super cute! How can you resist not carrying him around with you wherever you may go?

And to carry on the theme of the ninja-esque cake... how about a bunch of ninja rubber duckies. All of these little guys are outfitted with their own ninja headband and are ready for some super secretive ninja activity!

I hope Amy enjoyed her super ninja-ey birthday cake. I also hope that will all these little ninjas around she does not actually get into a fight because A.) Fighting is not the answer. And B.) These are not ACTUAL ninjas (contrary to popular belief) !!!!!

Happy Birthday Amy!

"You did such a great job on the cake! Everyone loved it, and it was delicious!" -Elaina K.

"Thank you Alicia for making my very own pocket ninja/ninja duck cake. FYI, your ninjas don't travel well in your pocket ;)" -Amy K.