December 11, 2010

Royalty Times 2!

What's better than one member of a royal family? TWO members! This cake was for a birthday party for a little prince and princess who were turning 1 and wanted to celebrate in style!

These twins were equipped with their own personal smash cakes while the rest of the party guests enjoyed devouring their humble abode... a giant castle!

The party cake was an 8 inch round white cake with delicious creamy vanilla buttercream filling. Like my previous and very first castle cake I used the same general structure but switched up the colors, details, and design.

I decided that these two royal twins needed their names on this cake. I hand piped the lettering honoring Carter and Gracie on the top of the castle.

The drawbridge castle door was made from fondant and turned out great. Other fondant accents on this cake include the fondant covered cardboard roll towers, the fondant covered ice cream cone turrets, the rim all around the castle, and the windows that the inhabitants of the castle can peek trough. Buttercream dots, ribbons, and shells also adorned the castle in multiple places.

If there was any image that I could pipe onto these two smash cakes, a royal crown was it!

Carter's cake was a simple white 6 inch smash cake. It donned a boyish blue crown, his name, and a #1 stating that it was his birthday and no one else's.... but wait! It was Gracie's birthday too!

Gracie's cake was the same size as Carter's. With siblings everything has to be the same, am I right all the mom's out there? Her cake sported a pink and gold crown stating her name and her age as well.

I can't wait to see pictures of these two literally smashing their little fists into these two cakes. When I delivered the cake the royal grandparents of these twins and the king of the castle seemed to love the design. I hope the rest of the party guests enjoyed the cake as much as I enjoyed making it!

"The cake was amazing! So moist! I'll have to send you pics of the twins destroying their smash cake." -Brianne H.

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