December 23, 2010

Finally Legal!

Hey Bartender! Another round please?! As if one of these GIANT margarita's wasn't enough to "drink"!

This cake was for a friend's 21st birthday. Somehow she knows what a margarita tastes like ;) and she knew she wanted that as her cake. The top portion of this massive sculpture is where the cake lies. It's an 8 inch round white cake with vanilla buttercream filling. It served 24 people but I'm sure no one wanted to cut into it!

The birthday girl loves pink and it paired very well with the traditional lime green of an actual margarita. A pink 21 dons the front of the glass telling everyone that this chicka can drink!

The cake was covered in fondant except for the exposed frozen margarita swirled buttercream. Looks good enough to drink, huh? Sanding sugar lines the rim of the glass to look like salt. The straw was a dowel covered in fondant. The lime was hand molded and hand painted out of fondant.

The base of the glass was styrofoam coverd in fondant with a bead border in buttercream (say that ten times fast!) to make the glass look a little fancier! I didn't want the board to look plain so I added some quotes and phrases that may come up throughout the birthday girl's evening.

So the light poured down on this cake and the birthday girl loved it! I was unable to attend her party as it was the holidays and I was driving out of town. I did drop it off at the bar where she would be starting the night and received many praises as I walked through the doors. An hour or so later when she arrived and saw her cake, the text message compliments started to fly! I'm so glad she enjoyed her cake!

Happy Birthday Taylor!

"The cake is fantastic. You did a great job. It tastes as good as it looks." -Michael C.

"OMG most amazing birthday cake ever!" -Taylor B.


  1. I think I'm addicted to your blog.

  2. what did you use to support the cake with?

  3. this is an amazing cake how did you get the cake not to tip over. your awesome