December 23, 2010


This cake was for a couple of IronMEN! (Are you sensing a theme here? I mean how many twins can I make a cake for?!) These two little boys who were turning 4 love Ironman, especially the red one. I decided to make it real comic book-ey (Is that even a word?) to match the entire theme of the party.

It was an 8 inch round cake that served around 24 party goers. It was marbled with white cake and chocolate fudge cake and filled with delicious vanilla buttercream. All of the decorations are fondant with yellow buttercream as accents. Ironman himself was hand cut from fondant and detailed as well to make him super muscle-y (again, is that a word?).

A la the old comic books Ironman needs to have some action bubbles. I don't think that is what these are called but you get the idea.

************** P O W **************

************** W O O S H **************

************** Z A P **************

Here's hoping these two boys have a super birthday... just as super as Ironman himself! I know that their aunt Jennifer who ordered the cake loved it so Braxton, Braiden, and the rest of the party guests should love it too!

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