December 5, 2010

Can you tell me how to get...

How to get to Sesame Street? Sure I can! Right this way...

This cake was for a darling little girl who was turning 1 and her mom was throwing her a Sesame Street inspired party with Bird Bird as the co-VIP!

The main cake was for everyone else at the party. It was a 6 inch round on top of an 8 inch round. Both tiers were a delicious white and fudge marble cake with raspberry filling and vanilla buttercream icing. The famous sign that dons Kaitlyn's name was hand cut from fondant along with the polka dots and the many many presents along the bottom tier.

Miss Kaitlyn would have her own smash cake with Bird Bird's face on it to entice her to "play" with him. Meaning that she would inevitable reach out for that cuddly yellow bird, realize he was actually made from frosting, and then EAT HIM - in the nicest most sesame street way as possible! :) Her cake was a simple white cake and the decorations were all sweet vanilla buttercream. I'm sure her parents got some great pictures and there was probably a lot of clean up to do in the end. Oh well, as long as Kaitlyn enjoyed it, right? Right!

Kaitlyn's mom had some cute little toppers that fit the Sesame Street theme so well. Unfortunately, I did not get a picture with them adorning the cake! Sad face... tear... Now's the time when you would close your eyes and imagine them there on top of the cake! Hopefully, Kaitlyn's mom will send me a picture of the toppers on the cake AS WELL AS little Kaitlyn smashing into her own personal cake! I love those photos!

The whole family loved the cake and all of the party decorations looked great and the cake fit in fantastically! Hopefully, they loved the flavor and taste as well!

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