September 24, 2011

The 3 F's: Fifty, Funky, and Fabulous (and you can't forget Fun either!)

This cake was for a woman who is 50, FUNKY, and FABULOUS and just happens to be a friend's future mother-in-law!

Candice's birthday cake was a 6 inch square chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream filling and icing. A classic combination for a classic lady!

Her future daughter-in-law wanted this cake to be bright and fun, and I definitely think I accomplished that! The entire cake was decorated with buttercream swirls, zig zags, and polka dots in lime green, purple, and light blue.

I even went as far as to decorate the cake board! I love having creative freedom!

It was requested that a disco ball be incorporated into the cake somehow. I decided what better way to put a disco ball on a cake than for the number 0!!!! I decorated the disco ball with silver sprinkles to really make it shine! I think it turned out great.

Like many residents of Kansas, Candice is a big Kansas State fan, hence the wildcat on the cake. It kills me a little bit inside each time I put a Wildcat on a cake :( , since I'm a die hard KU Jayhawk fan, and as you may or may not know these two colleges are huge rivals. As long as it makes the cake cuter, I guess I'll just sacrifice and keep making those wildcats! :)

The birthday girl also loves to make salsa. Yes, I'm talking hot, delicious, edible salsa. This love of making salsa translates to her car as well. She has a license plate, much like the one you see here, that says HTSALSA! How fun is that?!?!

I loved the way this cake turned out. So funky and fun! If you ask me this cake is not for some boring 50 year old's birthday, it's definitely for someone who is 50 and fabulous! My friend loved it and assured me that her future mother-in-law would love it too!

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