July 9, 2011

No Need For Bug Spray Here!

The past week there has been an infestation of the greatest kind! My kitchen was taken over by ladybugs between this cake and the ladybug smash cake! Apparently ladybugs are good luck so that's good! This order was a combination of cupcakes and a smash cake for a little girl who was turning 1. I'll start with the smash cake...

This cake was a 6" round single layer smash cake. It was a simple white cake (as most of the smash cakes I make are) with vanilla buttercream icing.

The smash cake was topped with this cute little ladybug also made from buttercream icing. Hopefully the red and black icing were easy to clean up because I'm sure baby Abigail wanted to "play" with this little ladybug.

The daisy was also made from buttercream icing. It was hand piped on the cake to match the daisies on all of the cupcakes. On top was a large red 1 to show off just how big the birthday girl is getting!

Of course the cake had to say the birthday girl's name! I decided to pipe it on the smash cake in curly cue letters. See how they kind of match the antennas on the ladybug itself! I love how little things like that can tie in together and make a cake that much better! On to the cuppies...

The cupcakes were a mix of chocolate cake and white cake but all were topped with a giant swirl of buttercream icing, a single little ladybug, and a white daisy! The ladybugs and daisies were hand made from fondant. I just think these overly small details make these cupcakes super precious! Makes you want to pick them up and eat them, right?!?! There were four colors of pastel icing on the cupcakes and they are as follows...

There were green cupcakes...

There were blue cupcakes...

There were yellow cupcakes... (my favorite color!)

And there were purple cupcakes!

I absolutely love how these little darlings turned out! I also love how the smash cake and the cupcakes match so well! Abigail's mom loved them as well! As for the party guests... well, they loved them too! I'm hoping Abigail loved her smash cake and that her mom got some great pictures! Ladybugs are all the rage right now and I absolutely know why... they are oh-so-cute!

"Thank you so much for the beautiful cupcakes for my daughter's one-year birthday party yesterday! They were a hit with everyone. And the best part is they were delicious. I'll be looking you up for future events!" -Steph A.

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