July 22, 2011

Violet your turning... Violet!

This cake was for a women's 70th birthday and her daughter wanted her to have a pretty cake that showcased her favorite flower... violets. This cake was an 8 inch round red velvet cake with cream cheese icing. Yum! What a classic combination!

The letters on the top of the cake were hand piped with the dark purple royal icing. The birthday lady's daughter, who ordered the cake, just wanted the cake to say "Happy Birthday". Simple and sweet. The top (and sides) was also decorated with some simple white dots strategically placed to make this cake look a little elegant!

The fanciful sides of the cake were decorated in light and dark purples with white accents. All of the stripes, garlands, border, and dots were hand piped royal icing. I used royal icing rather than buttercream or cream cheese icing because I wanted all of the purples to match.

The garland was so fun and added a little outine for my piped stripes. I love the combination of the thick light purple stripes with the skinny dark purple ones. It really gives a little extra something to the sides of this cake! And look at those precious little dots along the shell border! So adorable!

Those little violets captured my heart! I hand piped each and every one of them from royal icing which dries semi hard to keep their shape. But once they get wet they definitely melt in your mouth! These little babies were laid all over my counter while they were drying and I felt a little sad that they didn't actually smell like violets! I guess fresh baked cake is a wonderful smell too though!

I love the way this cake turned out, simple and elegant with a little fanciful fun! I really want to get into piping more flowers but I guess that is up to my clients on what they want their cake to look like! I'm hoping this lady loved her birthday cake and had a blast celebrating her 70th birthday because I had a lot of fun making this cake for the occasion!

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