July 3, 2011

A Very Curly Girly Baptism!

This cake was for a sweet little girl who was going to be baptized and had her whole family there to celebrate with her. Her mom ordered this cake for her to be served after the ceremony. It was an 8" round cake that was a delicious white cake with vanilla buttercream filling and icing. There was no fondant on this cake... It's been awhile since I had one of those but it's always nice to do an all buttercream cake once in awhile!

Naomi Elizabeth was going to be baptized on July 3rd, 2011. Her mom wanted her name on the cake as well as the date. I hand piped all of the lettering on this cake and I loved the way it turned out... so elegant yet cute and youthful at the same time!

The curly cues that were around the top of cake put this girly cake over the top. They were all hand piped vanilla buttercream. I love the way they framed the top of the cake to make the cross and roses shine!

The bottom of the cake was decorated with a buttercream "skirt"... yes folks, that is buttercream and not fondant! Sometimes it even amazes me what someone can do with buttercream icing! On top of the ruffles was a line of dragees. What are those you ask?
1. a nut or candy.
2. a small, beadlike piece of candy, usually silver-colored and used for decorating cookies, cake, and the like.
There are also a few of these around the top of the cake where the garland arcs meet. Edible pink pearls... EXACTLY what this cake needed!

The pink roses on top of the cake around the cross were vanilla buttercream as well. It has been a while since I've piped a buttercream rose but I think I've still got it. I only had to make a couple before they started turning out like this beauty here! I guess it's just like riding a bike... but sweeter! ;)

Now on to clearly the focal point of the cake... the cross. The cross was made from white chocolate that I melted down and poured into a cross cookie cutter. After the cross hardened I popped it out of the cutter and placed it on the cake. I decorated the cross with some more of those cute pink curls made from buttercream that match the top of the cake.

Overall, I love the way that this cake turned out. I think the Naomi's parents liked it too. It was my first baptism cake and I can't wait to do more!

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