July 8, 2011

You can call me Lady...

Lady... Bug!

Ladybugs are all the rage right now (see future ladybug posts!) and this cake was no exception. It was a smash cake for a little girl named Paetyn who was turning 1.

This cutie-bug was a 6" round cake that was carved into a rounded bug shape. It was just a simple white cake with vanilla buttercream icing. All of the decorations were edible and made from buttercream except those adorable antennas, which were some simple thin wires curved to make this cake even cuter! Don't worry Mom and Dad took then out before giving to baby Paetyn!

The face was black buttercream. I hope they were able to clean Paetyn up good after smashing into those adorable mouth and eyes. Sometimes black icing has the tendency to tint fingers, teeth, lips, faces, etc... but it washes away! I promise!

That shiny red shell was originally just white buttercream. I used an edible spray paint to color it red. It was bad enough that there was the potential for a very messy 1 year old I didn't want to have both red AND black buttercream on the cake! So hopefully the red portion was a little less messy as far as tinting body parts goes! The line down this lady's back as well as her age dots were also black buttercream.

Every ladybug loves the grass and this cake was no exception! The green grass around the ladybug was hand piped vanilla buttercream dyed green. Probably the least likely to turn anyone's teeth a certain color! ;) The grass provided a nice border around the cake while still keeping true to the theme.

Overall, I absolutely LOVED the way this cake turned out. Paetyn's mom and dad saw this cake and they thought it was absolutely adorable. I couldn't agree more! I hope that baby Paetyn loved it as well and that Mom and Dad didn't have too much of a hard time with the cleanup!

I've got a new baking technique (***TOP SECRET***) for baking cakes that will end up this shape and I'm super excited to use it in the future! I'm thinking more ladybugs, baseballs, baby's bottoms, really anything that is rounded like this!

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