July 8, 2011

It's a Justin Bieber Birthday!

Now I don't have Bieber Fever but the little girl this cake was for sure did. Rumor has it she even changed her last name to Bieber on her Facebook profile! So it was only fitting that her birthday cake would feature her crush in all of his glory.

This cake was a white cake with vanilla buttercream filling and icing. The customer who ordered this cake was not too fond of fondant so while there is fondant on the cake I tried to keep it as minimal as possible without losing that teeny bopper crush feeling. Do you remember that feeling?!?!

I can only imagine how much the birthday girl wanted to keep this portion of the cake, or at least this was definitely going to be her piece! And she could eat him if she wanted to because he was printed on edible paper with edible ink! I wish I had the capabilities to do that on my own but unfortunately I had to have a local grocery store print up the image for me. Maybe someday I'll have my own edible printer... maybe someday!

The stars on the cake were hand cut from fondant. What's a teen idol cake without some pink and yellow stars? They keep this cake cute, funky, and fun! You can definitely tell it's for a tween!

The sides of the cake were decorated with randomly placed butercream dots in yellow, pink, and purple. The sides looked unfinished so I added a border of pink and purple fondant balls. These were hand rolled and individually placed - time consuming, but they definitely finish off the cake well!

Who doesn't remember putting their name + a celebrity crush's name in a heart in their notebook in school? Go ahead raise your hand! No one? That's what I thought. This was definitely part of my middle school days and I just HAD to included it on this cake! The purple heart was hand rolled fondant shaped into a heart and the text was hand piped vanilla buttercream dyed pink. I'm hoping that this little detail was the birthday girl's favorite part of the cake (besides the photo of course!).

This text was hand piped vanilla buttercream dyed purple. After piping it, my husband made the joke that I was covering up his precious hair (as he ran his own fingers through his hair - can you picture it?!?!). While this is true, the cake just had to say Happy Birthday and this was really the only place for it! So I'm sorry dear hubby, this is where it's going to be! :)

I liked the way this cake turned out even though I don' t understand the whole Bieber Fever thing, but to each their own. I'm hoping that the birthday girl just fell in love with this cake much like she's in love with Justin Bieber!

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