June 25, 2011

Little Colored Bricks

Well, these are actually not that little and they are cake!

This cake was for a little boy who loves his Legos and for this birthday his mom wanted him to be able to eat them too! Yes, this entire Lego formation is cake and yes, it was hand carved in separate pieces to look like individual Legos. Each brick was measured so that it was proportional to the original (much tinier) Legos. A little OCD, but I wanted it to look right!

This cake was the ever so classic white cake with vanilla buttercream icing and filling combination. After icing, each Lego was covered in panels of fondant in primary colors to reflect the hard plastic shell of actual Legos.

I then assembled each individual cake in it's proper place on the board just like actual legos would look like if they were in this formation.

Even the board was covered in fondant to make it look like the actual Lego boards that start so many creative and fun sculptures for kids. Don't worry it was first covered in food safe foil so as not to get any wood in any of the cake. I have recently just started to make all of my cake boards from wood... much sturdier, but I digress.

So you are probably asking yourself, "What are those knobs made of and why hasn't she explained that yet?!?!" Here it goes... they are made from modeling chocolate. Yep 100% pure chocolate, well except for the fact that they were covered in color coordinating fondant. I attached each one in it's proper place (where it would be if these were real Legos) with a dab of buttercream. It was hard keeping those little nobs away from my husband's mouth. They were so cute even he wanted to eat them right up!

These famous words were created from fondant. I found and used the actual Lego font and cut out each individual letter and layered it with black and yellow to get the Lego logo look! The words were originally supposed to go on the green Lego board but they covered up a lot of the knobs and I wanted those to be seen. So I slapped it to the side of the cake and called it a day!

Karsten's Dad was the one who picked up his cake and from his expression I knew that whole party was going to love this cake. It was exactly what they asked for and how can you not love a cake made to look like something that brings everyone back to that time in their lives when they were care-free kids?!?! Happy birthday Karsten! I hope you absolutely loved your birthday cake!

"I just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed the cake! I love how it turned out and the lego font for his name was fantastic - thank you for the extra detail! :) Plus, the cake tasted fantastic and we loved the little lego knobs!" -Lisa H.

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