June 4, 2011

Who's Ready For Some Summer Fun?

I am! I am! And so is baby Alexa who was turning 1 and was having a summer fun birthday party!

This cake was a half sheet cake (11" x 15") and fed 35 people... this little girl is loved by a lot of people for being only 1! A party is not a party without people and the more the merrier I always say! It was designed to match the invitations sent out for Alexa's birthday party and I think I did a good job of capturing "summer fun" on a cake! The cake was a delicious white cake with different colored sprinkles sprinkled throughout the cake. It was iced in rich vanilla buttercream and decorated with fondant accents.

I came up with the phrase for the top of the cake all on my own BUT it's not really that difficult to think of something that incorporates the word "fun" and "one" since they rhyme and all! The letters in yellow were hand piped vanilla buttercream. The words "summer fun" and "1" were made from fondant and double layered to really stand out!

The sides of the cake were decorated in fondant to match the stripes that were in the background of the invitation. I tried to get the colors to match exactly and came pretty close! Either way it turned out really cute! And that shell border... that was just a little add in that I thought looked adorable with the whole theme of the cake.

Speaking of shells... the corners of the cake were lined with a big shell imprint and some pearls from the sea made from fondant! You can't have summer fun without some sea shells and EVERY girl loves her pearls!

These giant flip flops were straight from the invitation as well. They were all fondant. I gave them some definition with 3D orange dots on the soles, 3D teal straps, and that adorable pink and orange flower.

And of course Alexa had to have her own flip flops on top of her very own smash cake! These flip flops were made from buttercream except for the flower and her name that was hand rolled into those cute little letters which were fondant.

Oh how I just want to eat those little flippies up! So adorable!

On the sides of her cake were classic summer items such as beach balls and sand buckets. Both of these items were made with fondant. The sand in the buckets was actually brown sugar adhered with a little bit of water! Now that's some sand I wouldn't mind eating! The bottom of the cake was bordered with tealish/blue waves and yellow and pink dots. I can't wait to see pictures of Alexa smashing her cake!

Alexa's mom and dad loved the cake along with Grandma who was helping to set up for the party. I was really pleased with the way this cake turned out as well. The birthday girl however was napping so I was not able to see her expression. Hopefully some pictures will be floating my way soon.

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