May 31, 2011

On the Road Again....

This cake was for a co-worker who was leaving the office here in Kansas and moving to Texas. Yes I have a day job that does not involve baking or decorating! While it was a sad time I was happy that I could give him one last sweet treat to make him smile!

This going away cake was a quarter sheet (9"x13") and was a vanilla almond cake with vanilla buttercream. Such a great combination if I do say so myself! NOTE: the cake in real life was a dark teal, not almost blackish color, but needless to say there were a lot of blue mouths around the office. It fed everyone it needed to feed with a few pieces left over for Dustin to bring home to his wife and daughter.

Dustin was relocating to the great state of Texas. The 'X' on Texas was not his exact destination but close enough. Both states were cut out of fondant as well as the road and the x that marked the spot!

The lettering was hand piped by yours truly but everyone in the office felt what the words said. He was a good guy and a great co-worker and he will be missed. Gosh, this post is starting to sound a little morbid!

The border of the cake was a multitude of hand rolled fondant logs and balls. I think it kind of mimics the trail that is leading the way from Kansas to Texas on the top of the cake. Right? Can you see it? Anyways, it was a quick easy cake for a co-worker and everyone loved it!

See ya Dustin! We will miss you but have a good life in Texas!

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