May 15, 2011

Yo Adrian! It's me, Rocky!

Ok so it's not the Slyvester Stallone version of Rocky but I think I did a pretty good job capturing Rocky the Raven, the mascot of Benedictine College in Atchinson, Kansas. Here's an upclose picture of the "real" Rocky.

This cake was for Lindsey who had just graduated from College and was throwing a graduation bash. She wanted not only a cake, that was fun and cute that sported her school colors, but also a sculpted figure of Rocky the Raven. It was an 8 inch square cake iced and filled with vanilla buttercream. The cake itself was strawberry. What a classic combination! The cake was decorated with fondant decorations that matched the invitations to Lindsey's graduation party. The only difference was, these decorations were edible!

The little balls of fondant around the cake were painstakingly hand rolled but they turned out to be the perfect addition to this cake. The black "ribbon" was decorated with buttercream dots and wrapped around red fondant diamonds. And that banner on the top congratulating the graduate? Yep, that's fondant too with hand piped text!

And HEEERRRREEE's Rocky......!!!!!!

Rocky was 100% modeling chocolate minus the pole that he sat on to make himself stand up on the cake. It was my very first time working with modeling chocolate and I CANNOT WAIT to work with it again! I loved the consistency and the ease of modeling things!

There were a few items that were not modeling chocolate but fondant on Rocky including his tassel on his graduation cap...

His toenails...

His sweater and college logo...

And that oh-so-important Degree...!

Overall, this cake went over REALLY well and I loved the way it turned out as well! As I was walking in the door, Lindsey's mom exclaimed, "Oh, Rocky is so cute!" Well, I think so too! Just so you can get an idea of what I had to model after, here's a "to scale" picture of Rocky next to my version. Yeah, I think I can pat myself on the back for that one!

Congratulations Lindsey on graduating!

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