May 5, 2011

Frozen or on the rocks?

How do you like your margarita...


These were just a fun little project I did on that fabulous Mexican Holiday Cinco de Mayo where margaritas, salsa, and tacos steal the show every year! I made these margarita flavored cupcakes with tequila lime cream cheese icing for my office. Let me tell you that everyone LOVED them!

These mini margaritas were complete with "salt" around the rim (it was actually sugar), a candy lime, and straw! Although they were not drinkable a friend suggest I fill the straws with tequila just before serving. I may try that next time... when I'm not bringing them to work ;)

These cupcakes were a huge hit and have since been requested for future Mexican themed parties and holidays! Next time they will have green icing to make them look more like margaritas and perhaps colorful straws! Yeah... that will look super cute!

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