April 16, 2011

A Colorful Cupcake for a Cute Cupcake!

I absolutely love this little cupcake! I meant the kid but the cake is super cute too! Her parents are very good friends of my husband and I.

This cake was for the Fabulous Miss Macy that was turning 3 years old! I wanted something funky, girly, and bright and I think I came up with the perfect combination for this little girl. This cake was only feeding a few of us because it wasn't for her "official" birthday party so it was just a little thing. The bottom layer was a 6 inch round white covered with vanilla buttercream. The base of the cupcake was actually rice crispy treats shaped and covered in buttercream and fondant. The frosting on the cupcake was actually a mixture of cake covered in buttercream and fondant.

I started with a funky fondant covered board. Black and white zebra print laid the perfect base for this cake. Although it was edible, it was not meant to be eaten since the fondant did come in contact with the cardboard. It still looked way better than aluminum foil would have!

The cupcake's frosting was probably my favorite part to this cake. I love how it looks like it was swirled up on top of that cupcake. And those sprinkles! How adorable! The cherry on top was a ball 'o' fondant accompanied by a curly wire stem. There were three candles a top the cake representing the number of years Macy has graced this earth with her oh-so-cute mug! Each candle was a wooden dowel striped with colored fondant and topped with a yellow-orange flame. What little kid doesn't love a flame that they can actually touch!?

The bottom layer of the cake was striped with different colors and patterns in fondant. I love the way it looks uniform yet still a little wild and crazy! When we were dishing up the cake Macy wanted everyone's colors from the sides of the cake... "Can have your pink? Can have your green?" You get the idea. Luckily, there was plenty to go around and then some leftover.

Sprinkled around the cake were gumballs and sparkly gumdrops made from fondant. They added to the overall cutesy-ness of the cake.

This cake absolutely had to say "Happy Birthday Macy!" so in my naturally fabulous way I had to make it girly and bright! It also kind of looks like her name is in lights! She could be famous one day!

Overall, this cake was so well received by both Macy's parents and little miss thang herself. She loved it so much that she asked for cake in church the following day. She also would try to climb up the counter to get some of that delicously tempting frosting. Sneaky girl that one!

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