May 21, 2011

My First is Someone Else's Forever

Why am I so proud of this fairly simple yet large cake? Because it was my very FIRST WEDDING CAKE and not only that but it turned out great! I was really happy with the end result but most importantly so were the bride and groom!

This cake was a 3 tiered beauty with different cake flavors in each tier. The bottom tier was a 12 inch round red velvet cake filled with vanilla buttercream. The middle tier was a 10 inch round marbled cake with white and rich fudge cakes. The top tier was a 6 inch round red velvet cake also filled with vanilla buttercream. This top tier was strictly for the newlyweds to enjoy on their 1 year anniversary. For those of you who do not know about this tradition, I know that it sounds crazy but the cake really does last in the freezer as long as it is well wrapped... and it still tastes good too!

The colors on this cake SCREEEEEAAAAMMMM summer which is only fitting because it was a May 21st wedding and not only did the wedding setup look beautiful, but the weather was beautiful as well! The cake was iced in a simple delicious vanilla buttercream dyed yellow of course. The ribbons around the cake were not edible but they really added that extra pizazz that this cake needed to be absolutely perfect for the biggest day of Karly (bride) and Ben's (groom) lives!

This cake was adorned with flowers to make the whole wedding cake complete but alas I do not have a picture of that since I arrived at the reception hall before the florist did. I was promised pictures though so as soon as I get them I will post them here! I cannot wait! But for now... on to the groom's cake!

It's Michelangelo! No, not the famous painter who painted the ceiling of the the sistine chapel! This cake is one of the famous four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! If you don't recognize him I suggest you take a trip back to the 80's and 90's when these little green creatures were super popular! They fought crime from the sewers of New York and they LOVED pizza!

This cake was a delicious vanilla almond cake with vanilla buttercream. It was hand carved from a 12 inch round cake with an additional 8 inch round used for scraps. He originally was meant to be looking straight up but after discussing it with my husband (#1 cake tester and #1 fan!) we decided that this was the best layout for this turtle.

Everything was buttercream on this cake except for Michelangelo's bandana and eyes. The bandana was super easy to do because it didn't need to be flat and neat. It wouldn't have looked right if it was! His eyes were eyes were really easy too... almond shapes and circles!

Since this cake was sure to be a hit at the wedding I had to make it appealing from every angle. So even the back of his bandana was complete with a knot and tails!

I am so happy with the way that these two cakes turned out. Upon returning the cake stand the next morning the mother-of-the-bride gushed over how much everyone loved the look of the cakes as well as the taste! There was also a kitchen cake (12"x18" sheet cake) that accompanied these two cakes for extra servings but it turns out they did not need it and had lots of leftovers... and they liked that... more cake for them during the "recovering from a wedding days"!

Congratulations Ben and Karly! May my first wedding cake be the beginning to your long happy lives together!

Here's the final product with flowers and all.... So beautiful!

"Alicia, Just wanted to email you and let you know how happy we were with Karly and Bens wedding and grooms cake. Again, thank you so much, it was just great." - Kim R. (Mother of the Bride)

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