May 27, 2011

Who's Dr, Who? Dr. Who, That's Who!

Forgive me while, I've never seen this television show so I don't know much behind the basis of this cake, but I sure enjoyed making it!

This cake was modeled after the Tardis from the old television show on the BBC, Dr. Who. From what I'm told there is a new version of this show playing nowadays, but like I said I'm not an expert and could be completely wrong about that. It was a show about a guy who traveled through time and the tardis was what he used as his "time machine". Any more questions? Google it, because I can't be of any more help! :) Anyways... on to the cake!

This cake was for an intimate engagement party. The groom-to-be's sister ordered this for her brother and his new fiance because he is an avid Dr. Who lover! It was a carved cake but equaled out to be a 4" square cake that was 8" tall. Just enough for 14-16 people... the perfect amount for the party.

The cake was a light lemon cake with vanilla buttercream icing. I then covered the cake in blue fondant, added some details, and voila! ... a tardis cake! Now onto the details (which were very important to the sister-in-law-to-be!)

At the top of each side of the tardis was a Police Box sign. The lettering was hand piped by me. It is exactly what is shown on the Tardis in the TV show. Below that were little white windows cut out on each side.

The top of the cake donned a light. There has to be some source of light when traveling through time, right? I wish I could have had an actual light on top that lit up but not this time. But hey, there's always a next time!

The sign for the door was so tiny that I had to print if off from my computer. It was the only thing on the cake that was not edible. I was bummed about it but there was no way I was going to get all that writing on a tiny little square! The handles and lock on the doors were hand painted with edible silver paint made from vodka and gel food coloring. Don't worry... no one's getting drunk here, the vodka evaporates out to leave just the color!

I give full credit for this banner to the Jessica, the sister of the groom-to-be. She came up with the phrase which I think is not only super cute, but also 100% reflective of this cake. This was really the only distinguishing piece that says that this is an engagement cake. The banner itself is hand cut fondant written on with hand piped buttercream and I love it!

I dropped off this cake at the party and hit the road so I was unable to see any reactions but Jessica sent me an email letting me know it was well received and I was completely happy with it!

"The cake was absolutely amazing thank you thank you thank you! Everyone loved it. It was perfect and delicious." - Jessica S.

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  1. Hello! This is the groom-to-be that you made this cake for, I just wanted to say thanks!
    The cake was amazing. Very well detailed and tasted great :)
    It was a huge hit.