June 23, 2011

Dreams Come True in Blue Hawaii

This cake was for a little girls birthday. It was for her family party... stay tuned for her pawsitively awesome birthday cake for her party with her friends!

If you couldn't tell there was a definitely beachy-Hawaiian theme going on with this cake including tiki masks, palm trees, exotic flowers, flip flops, and sand! It was a 6 inch square cake just enough for the whole family to dig in to! It was a chocolate cake with rich vanilla buttercream and decorated with fondant accents. Oh and did I mention EVERYTHING on this cake is edible (except for the stamens on the flowers)?!?!?! Yeah who would have thought trees, tiki masks, and flip flops would be tasty!

There were tiki masks on all four sides of the cake and the colors were switched around for each mask so each one was an individual. They were made from thick brown fondant scored to look like wood. I rolled, cut, and adhered (with water) colored fondant to give these masks detail.

Look at those little beady eyes! Although they are not smiling I think these masks are still upbeat and not scary at all. Er.. maybe a little but the bright colors help! :)

The palm trees were also on each side or should I say corner of the cake and made 100% from fondant. The trunk was hand rolled and then scored to look like the bark of the tree, the leaves were hand cut and placed accordingly, and the coconuts... those lovely coconouts! They were also fondant and attached with a little piece of raw spaghetti stuck into the cake.

Each palm tree was different in the placing of the leaves or the scoring but each kept a semi-uniform look. This corner was also adorned with a pair of size 13 male flip flops in brown and green. Well, I guess they could be a different size or even be women's who knows, but they are still cute!

Now to the flowers. These by far took me the longest to make and I think they turned out beautiful. They really make me feel like I'm at a Luau on one of the islands of Hawaii! They were painstaking formed by yours truly. Okay, okay it wasn't that difficult but it did take awhile. I was able to catch up on some tv while making these though so that's a plus.

There were different colors used so no two flowers were the same. I used pink, orange, yellow, and blue. I know it nature these types of flowers probably do not come in blue but they fit the theme of the cake very well.

Onto the flip flops... or flippies as I call them. I love flip flops and these little cuties are no exception. They all were hand made from fondant and placed strategically all around the cake. There were some on the sides of the cake and even a couple buried in the "sand" on top.

The sand on the top of the cake was actually brown sugar. It was between that and crushed graham crackers but brown sugar definitely gives that little bit of sparkle you get with real sand. I placed a couple of pairs of flips flops as well as some leaves in the sand. It was also adorned with a flower. Such a beachy scene makes me completely ready for summer and warm weather!

I really enjoyed making this cake as well as the way it turned out! When it was sitting in my kitchen staring at me, it really made me want to book a vacation right then and there to some beachy locale with warm weather and cold drinks! The family loved the cake and next week I will be making another cake for them so hopefully that one will turn out just as good!

"Everyone LOVED the cake and was uber impressed with your talents!" - Kelly T.

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