June 5, 2011

I Need a Doctor... or Maybe a Nurse

This cake was for a young man named Kody who was graduating from nursing school. Unfortunately there was some miscommunication and Kody's mom ordered another cake and cupcakes from somewhere else. Luckily, this cake did not go to waste. One of my husband's co-workers has some neighbors that are doctors. They have a big extended family so this was perfect for them! I was unhappy about the mishap but was glad that it ended up in someones belly rather than in the trash can! Anyways, on to the details!

This cake started out as a 1/4 sheet cake (9" x 13") and was hand carved into the shape of a scrub shirt. The cake itself was red velvet and had vanilla buttercream filling and icing... tinted blue obviously! The entire cake was outlined in black food coloring to give it a little more definition.

The letters were cut from fondant and defined with that same black food coloring. Upon delivery of this cake to the family that actually received it, I'm told the first thing they said was, "Who's Kody?" LOL :)

The top of the cake was decorated with a stethoscope, name tag, the collar of the shirt, and even a cute little clothing tag showing off the year of Kody's graduation!

The ear piece for the stethoscope made completely from fondant.

The chest piece for the stethoscope. Again... completely edible and made from fondant. You can even see a close up of Kody's name tag as well.

Here's the collar to the shirt. It's hard to see but I even put stitching on the collar. It's all about the little details with me!

Look at those pockets holding all of those goodies that are necessary for a nurse on a daily basis! I did just say I was all about the details, didn't I? The pockets were a lighter colored fondant so that they would stand out a bit.

After placing this latex glove inside the pocket I realized that A.) this nurse has HUGE hands in proportion to his scrub shirt... and B.) I probably should have positioned the fingers a little differently! ;)

In this pocket was a pen... necessary to sign all those patient charts. A syringe... necessary to draw blood or give much needed medicine. And either scissors or clamps (you take your pick)... necessary to cut bandages. Oh and did you notice those little stitches again. So cute!

Even though the intended recipient never received this cake I was really proud of it. I loved the way it turned out and am confident that I could do it again if there were more doctors or nurses out there graduating from medical school. *Hint *Hint Tell your medical friends! :)

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