November 18, 2012

For it's One, Two, Three strikes....

You're out!

Well, now that baseball season is over it was time for one last baseball birthday cake, along with some corresponding cake balls. And since this November was the big election what better way to be patriotic than donning the cake with a red, white, and blue logo for the Washington Nationals.

This cake was an 8 inch round cake. It was the classic combination of white cake with vanilla buttercream icing and filling. No fondant on this cake and it still looks cute!

The logo was hand piped onto the cake with vanilla buttercream. I wanted to get the logo just right because that's the perfectionist in me. Well, how did I do? The stitches were hand piped as well. What's a baseball without the stitching, right?

The cake balls were also filled with a white cake/vanilla icing mixture. Then decorated just like the party cake complete with the Washington Nationals logo!

This cake was pretty fun to make and decorate and the birthday boy's mom loved it! I'm sure the birthday boy will like it just as much!

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