March 12, 2011

Simple Surprise Cake

This cake was a simple 30th birthday cake. Nothing fancy. Nothing spectacular. But it's still cute, as cute as a 30th birthday cake for a man can be. It was for a surprise party and the recipients wife wasn't 100% sure as to the design she wanted. This is what I came up with - a simple, manly, delicious cake. The only thing not simple about the cake was the party planning since it was a surprise party (thank gosh I wasn't the one planning it!). It turned out well though and the birthday boy was definitely surprised.

The cake was an 8" square cake. Carrot cake was a favorite flavor of cake for the birthday boy so carrot cake it was. And what's carrot cake without a delicious cream cheese icing... mmmm mmmm good!

All the decorations on the cake were cut fondant. I wanted to make it manly while still keeping it simple and not too over the top! It feels a little weird doing such a simple cake in comparison to making a a 3D Margarita, Cookie Monster, or even Converse Shoes.

The rope border on the top of the cake makes a nice little border for the text and polka dots. And don't forget, this was a 30th birthday party, so the 3's and the 0's HAD to be on the cake, and in multiple quantities. It pairs nicely with the ball border around the base of the cake. And in between? Fondant stripes in a manly blue and black sized differently to give the cake dimension. Yes, I'm getting all artsy fartsy on you. :) The last little bit of icing decoration was on the corners. I'm not really sure what to call them (wave line things) but they work for this cake.

I was able to deliver this cake to the party since I am a friend of the recipient. He was definitely surprised and everyone loved the cake (including him)! This cake has got me itching to do a wild and crazy cake now... I wonder what's in store for future orders?!?!

"The cake was delicious. Must have recipe." - Jason B.

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