August 13, 2011

Just for kicks, he's 106!

Yeah, I said 106! Last year I made this man's birthday cake as well. It was a lot fancier with a bigger party. Which cake was it you ask? It was the famous doctor's bag cake with the saxophone coming out of the top. You can see on my Before the Blog page.

This cake was a two tiered beauty. A 6" round cake atop an 8" round cake. Both cakes were iced in vanilla buttercream. The bottom tier was a rich chocolate cake and the top tier was a light vanilla cake. A perfect combination for such a young man at heart!

The sides of each tier were decorated with some simple yet elegant piping techniques with vanilla buttercream dyed blue. These "U's" mimic a garland around each tier.

The base of each tier was decorated with a simple blue swirl also in vanilla buttercream. Above that was a line of stars that really made the edge of this cake elegant and exciting!

In addition to the designs on the sides of each tier the numbers 106 were strategically placed to make this cake a 360 degree beauty and to let everyone know just how old (but still young at heart) the birthday boy is!

I'm really happy that the family of this man ordered his birthday cake again from me and I really like the way this one turned out. I know most of my cakes are made using some sort of fondant accents but it was nice to get back to my buttercream roots and decorate everything with a bag-o-frosting!

I can't wait to see what the family comes up with for his birthday party next year!

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