August 19, 2011

Rockin' and Rollerskating!

This cake was for a 9 year old girl's birthday party. Can you tell where they went for the party? Ok, for those of you who don't get it they went to a rollerskating rink and her cake was 2 (pretty much) life size rollerskates!

These skates fed 30 people, 15 people per skate. The cake was a delicious white cake with vanilla buttercream. Then the entire cake was covered in purple fondant. Everything on this cake was edible except for the cake board and the support boards that each skate stood on.

The stoppers on the front of each skate were hand molded rice crispy treats into the proper shape. They were then covered in black fondant and scuffed up a bit to make them look authentic. I then attached them with some good old buttercream and a dowel for support.

The front of the skates looked much like real skates did with a tongue, laces, and hooks to lace those puppies up. I even ran a tool over the edges to make it look like stitching. I love the little details on cakes!

All 8 wheels were shaped from rice crispy treats as well. And again, they were covered in black fondant. I then piped "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" onto each wheel by hand with vanilla buttercream. Most rollerskate wheels have some type of writing on them so I thought it was appropriate to incorporate those words here.

Here's a shot showing most of the wheels and those long laces hanging down. The wooden base for these skates is hidden by the fondant soles on the skates and the wheels underneath. Who wants to eat a cake with a bunch of wood showing?!?!?

The cake board that the skates sat on was completely covered in fondant. I textured it by hand to look like a wood floor since most rollerskating rinks are wood. I also incorporated "Happy 9th Birthday Adaina!" just in case someone didn't get the clue that it was Adaina's birthday!

I had a lot of fun doing this cake and I think it turned out great! Adaina's mom, who ordered the cake, loved it as well when I delivered it. Unfortunately, sometimes gravity and cake do not mix and one of the skates had fallen over overnight. I was unable to get back to the cake before the party but Adaina's mom brought the one skate to the party and everyone loved it! Don't worry, she and I worked something out and she is happy to keep referring customers to me. You live and you learn and next time I will give each skate a little more support to keep those little guys upright!

"We took the single skate to the party and the guests were amazed, so I would definitely consider purchasing more of your cakes in the future" -Colette B.

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