October 16, 2010

Bringing the HEAT!

If you live anywhere near Lenexa, Kansas (as I do) you know that the Lenexa Chili Challenge is a big deal! Hundreds of teams set up tents, make chili, and turn it in to be judged. Spectators can pay $2.00 to get in and everyone has a spoon for which they can use to sample everyone's chili! YUM! A huge part of chili is jalapenos, which got me thinking... I was going to try something not many people have heard of, CHOCOLATE JALAPENO CUPCAKES!

These cupcakes consisted of a delicious chocolate cake with a little heat thrown in. Chopped up candied jalapenos were distributed throughout the batter along with a little jalapeno juice to spice it up a little more. These devilishly delicious cupcakes were topped with a cooling cream cheese icing and a candied jalapeno on top.

I made these little pretties bite sized because I knew that no one could just have one! We figured out that the more you chewed these mini cuppies the more the jalapenos showed their true red hot colors. Everyone loved them and they were a huge hit - to the tastebuds!

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