October 1, 2010

Cheers to 50 Years!

This cake was made for a man who was celebrating his 50th birthday. His birthday party was at a local brewery you may have heard of... Boulevard Brewery! I was fortunate enough to attend this event and even got to cut the cake that I had spent so much time on!

The cake was a 10 inch square that served 50 people. It was a white cake with vanilla buttercream filling. The paisley pieces and ribbon around the base are fondant with hand piped details. It was a very time consuming procedure but in the end I felt like it matched the napkin I was given very well!

This was my labor of love! Oh the hand cramps that went into hand piping the details on all of those paisley pieces!

The ribbon around the base of the cake did not match perfectly to the napkin I was given, however I think it looks good. You can't have everything matchy-matchy right?

I actually got to work the party and lets just say I brought more than a few business cards with me! I saw the cake in all its glory and the overall look of the party was great!

The party was really fun and there's something to be said about the thrill of cutting your own cake! It was my first cake cutting experience for someone other than myself, family, or friends! I received rave reviews at first on the look of the cake but then the party guests tasted it and more rave reviews came rolling in. It was a great feeling!

Here's the birthday boy with his cake. He was very nervous about the cake sliding off the board, but he smiled through the fear! Happy Birthday Carl!

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