October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween! Faint-at-heart BEWARE!

This cake was for a little boy turning 9 on Halloween. He had a birthday party the night before Halloween where everyone dressed in costume and he wanted a cake that would make all the other boys go, "Gross! Cool!" or "Ewwwww, that's Awesome!". This was the cake that did it!

This Halloween/Birthday cake served 65 people. The bottom tier (dirt) was a chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream and the top tier (head) was a white cake with vanilla buttercream.

I failed to name this little fellow which is very uncharacteristic of me. I just couldn't name something that was so awesomely disgusting! I hand carved the head from cake. His eyeballs, mouth, and ears were all made from fondant. The eyebrows were coconut flakes tinted black. All the blood is edible too! It was piping gel tinted red. The fingers that are reaching for the sky are cookies with almond slices as the finger nails.

The little bugs that are crawling around the little man were also all made from fondant, in total there is a spider, a few worms, a millipede, and some roly polies - gross but they needed to be there! And what's the purpose of having bugs on your cake if there is no dirt for them to crawl around in? The "dirt" was ground up oreo cookies (the ones with the fudge filling!).

I told you it would make you squirm - but in a good way! Happy Birthday McCoy and Happy Halloween to everyone else!

"Thank you so much! McCoy had a great Birthday and the cake was a hit!" -Priscilla G.

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