October 22, 2010

Paisley Pretty (Take 2)

My oh my the paisley pattern is popular right now! This cake was for a woman who saw my last paisley cake (see entry here) and wanted to order it. Well, I don't make a cake design twice so here was the new interpretation and I love it just as much!

This red, black, white, and silver paisley cake was a 10 inch square cake that served 50. It was a layered chocolate and white cake, so of course the inside looked just as pretty as the outside (black, white, black, white)! The paisley pieces, flowers, ribbon, and large flower were all fondant. Every piece that you see that is silver started out as a gray fondant piece, then I hand painted the silver dust on there to give it some sparkle. What fabulous 50 year old woman doesn't like a little bling with her birthday cake?!

I had fun with this cake and no matter where I put any of the pieces it would have come out looking just as good! However, it took me a while to make sure I had at least 1 of every combination of every pattern. Luckily, I'm a very organized person and making that list was quite easy!

Every angle was like looking at a new cake, because every side was different. No two pieces were the same!

This little flower was the piece de resistance <---said in a french accent. It really brought the ribbon and the actual design of the cake together!

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